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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – November 5th, 2011

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Now that the long Halloween weekend is over, it’s time to get back to checking out Android Apps & Games. We had a lot of great releases last week, and while this week was definitely slower there were still some awesome apps and games. Without further ado, we proudly present the Top 10 Android Apps and Games of the week…

1. Greed Corp HD

Invictus brought their popular Console (and PC) hit to the market this week in the form of Greed Corp HD. The game let’s you choose between 4 factions that are hell bent on harvesting land to fund their I haven’t gotten a chance to play the Android version of Greed Corp yet, but if its half as good as the console versions it’s going to be great. You can check out Greed Corp HD in the Android market for free!

2. Age of Defenders

Age of Defenders is a cool new RTS Tower Defense game from developers Cuketa.  If you’re thinking this is just another tower defense game you’d be thinking wrong as Age of Defenders has a few key features that set it apart from the rest. It’s actually a “Tower Offense” game where you attack as well as defend, and it’s an online multiplayer game. You can play this bad boy against your friends on the Iphone, PC, Mac or iPad as long as you’ve got a Tablet with an HD resolution of 1280×800. Looks to be a very good game, and if you have a Tablet that can run it you should definitely check it out. Age of Defenders is available to download in the market for $2.99.

3. Open Sea!

The Pixelizers brought a new game to the market last week that lets you play Mo, a prophetic leader that’s trying to lead his people across the Red Sea. Sound familiar? Yup, its a take on the age old story a lot of us know, and its also a very innovative game. You flick and swipe waves open to let your people pass while keeping an eye out for mummies and other obstacles in your way. There’s a free version you can try or you can get the paid version for the low price of .99 cents. Great game, and well worth checking out!

4. Psych Vision 2

No it isn’t an app that will make you Psychic, although it will let you in on a few things like new episodes of the hit TV show Psych. This is a great app for fans of the show as it features Trivia, Psych Points, galleries, and a chat feature that lets you talk with other fans during the new episodes. This is actually one of the best “Fan oriented” TV show apps I’ve seen, and there’s a lot there for fans of the show to enjoy. You can pick up the Psych Vision 2 App in the market for free.

5. Princess Punt

Princess Punt is one of those games that’s very hard to classify, but a lot of fun to play. The developers Gung Ho Online Entertainment describe it is an Action/Puzzle-Rpg, and I’m going to just go with that. Basically you’re a Princess that kicks soldiers towards monsters thus the name “Princess Punt.” Things get interesting as there are different weapons involved, skills, bosses, and plenty of monsters. Hard to explain it as it’s just one of those games you really have to play for yourself to get it. Very cool game though, and one I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing this week. If you’re looking to play something a bit different, you’ll definitely want to check out Princess Punt.

6. Google Offers

Google Offers is a new “Best deals” App from Google that lets you discover, buy and redeem great deals with your Android phone. The Google Offers App offers up deals on everything from food to fun connecting you with great deals every day in your city. Discover, buy and redeem Google Offers without the need to print them. Cool app, and a good one to have with the holiday shopping season approaching.

7. Cartoon Wars: Gunner +

Cartoon Wars: Gunner + is a new side scrolling game that pops you into a deadly cartoon world where you’ll fight against 30 different enemies while trying to take down the nefarious Captain J. There are plenty of weapons to buy and upgrade, and I really enjoyed the graphics in this one as well. You can check out Cartoon Wars: Gunner + in the Android Market for free.

8. Duke Nukem 3D

The King is back baby, as Duke Nukem 3D dropped into the market earlier this week. If you played the original you’ll know what to expect with the mobile version, and how fun it can be. You get the first episode for .99 cents, while episode 2 and 3 can be purchased via the in-app purchasing system for an additional .99 cents apiece. Good news is the devs listened and there are no more ads in the game! Nice job guys; if you were hesitant to get it before due to the ads, go grab it now!

9. American Eagle App

Popular Clothing store American Eagle finally released their official app into the market this week. I’ve been buying from AE for years so I was pretty thrilled to see it finally here, and then I was quickly disappointed. The app looks & works great on my phone except for one key feature. You can log into your account!! Not sure what got screwed up, but it did as nobody can seem to log into their AE account which sucks. Hopefully, they’ll get this straightened out soon and if they do it will be a very popular app. In the meantime if you just want to browse, you can pick up the AE app in the market for free.

10. Trivial Wikipedia

Trivial Wikipedia is a great new Trivia Game from G-APP that lets you test your knowledge against Ink stained Wikipedia pages. The game has two different modes of play with Trophy Challenge and Raking Challenge; Ranking Challenge is much harder in my opinion due to the fact that it’s timed. There are 7  portals with 23 themes including things like TV series, Video Games, Comic Books, and more. It’s a very cool Trivia game that’s well worth a look. You can get a limited free version to try or pick up the full version of Trivial Wikipedia for $2.69.