Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – Oct 14th, 2011

1. Enigmo

Enigmo was a hit on the iPhone, and now Chaotic Motion Studios has brought it over to Android. In case you’re not familiar with the game, Enigmo is a puzzle game that deals with flowing liquid. You’ll need to direct the liquid along its path using a series of bumpers, sliders, sponges, and accelerators. It’s got a quite a bit of depth with 50 levels and the gameplay gets very challenging as you progress in the game. No free version at this time, but the paid version can be had for $2.99 in the market.

2. Gingerbread Circus

Gingerbread Circus is a quirky little game that dropped last week from developers iojoe. As you could guess from the title, it involves a Circus and quite a few Gingerbread people. You’ll get to chuck knives across 80 different levels and at a wide variety of targets. The whole Circus vibe is great (no evil clowns), and the gameplay is very, very addictive. You can try the light version out for free or pick up the paid version for .99 cents in the market.

3. Rock the Vegas

Cooper Media grabbed everyone’s attention with their first release Paradise Island. Then did it again with My Country and switched up their mojo for Crime Story. Well, they’re back with another game and they went back to their original building format with Rock The Vegas. You’re going to build you’re own little Vegas prototype this go round’ and as usual you’ll have tons of things to work with. This is my personal favorite out of their “building games” so far, and a game that I’ll be playing for a while. If you enjoyed their others, be sure to pick this one up!

4. Marvel Comics App

These days everything is going digital, and paper is slowly going to way of the dinosaur. Unfortunately, one of my favorite things growing up has also gone digital and Marvel just dropped it’s Comic Book app into the market this week. The Marvel Comics App let’s you download hundreds of digital comic books to your device so you can read them on the go. It links to your account and pulls all your digital comics from there and lets you purchase new ones. This is a big-time app for comic lovers, but from early reports Marvel dropped the ball as users are reporting issues accessing their online collections. That being said, I’m sure Marvel will have it sorted out very shortly so no worries. This would be a “must have” app if you’re a fan of digital comics (sorry folks I like paper), and you can check it out for free in the market.

5. Baams Away

Feel like blowing up a few sheep? If ya’ do, developers Bearded Eye (great name) have something in store for you with their game Baams Away. You’ll get to blow up 12 different kinds of sheep across 3 different worlds while unlocking powerful weapons as you progress. You can try the first world for free, and if you like it you can upgrade to the full version for .99 cents via the in-app purchasing system.


If you’ve ever looked at buying a car online chances are you’ve visited Now the dealer has its full of automotive goodness. You can search for new & used vehicles, save searches, contact sellers through the app, and search for dealers nearby. The AutoTrader app is free, works great and is a must have for anyone who frequents their site.

7. Let’s Golf 3

The gaming giant known as Gameloft dropped the newest version of their popular Golf game Let’s Golf into the market this week in the form of Let’s Golf 3. You can build your own character from a wide variety of options, and purchase special skills or powers like tornados or luck. It’s a great looking 3D game with plenty of options, courses and mini-games. There have been users reporting that they are having issues with Gamelofts servers, but I got everything fine this morning so it may be cleared up. Either way, it’s a cool golf game and you can snag it for free from the market.


8. Jarvis – Text ‘n Drive Robot

Everyone loves Robots, and now you can let one handle your texts with Jarvis – Text ‘n Drive Robot. Jarvis speaks your incoming texts messages and lets you send something back via voice commands. You can also answer or ignore incoming phone calls with voice commands and it uses Googles official TTS engines. If that’s not enough, the app is battery efficient and only runs when you receive a text and closes immediately after. Great little app and best of all its free!

9. Submarine Crusher

Submarine Crusher is a new sub sinking game from developers Digital Jokers. It’s a simple game to play as you’ll basically drop depth charges at subs below while avoiding their missiles. Sounds easy, but its not as you’re big weapons are extremely limited and most of the time you’ll be left with using depth charges in barrels. It’s a fun game, but gets very difficult at the higher levels as power-ups are far and few between. There is a trial version available to check out or you can get the paid version for .99 cents in the market.

10. WiFiKill

WiFiKill is a great app from Ponury that I’ve been using a lot lately. Think someone’s hogging your bandwidth? If so, just fire up this app and it will scan your WiFi network for devices, see their vendor and cut the connection for specified devices. Great app to have and it is for Rooted Phones only… don’t try and install it if you’re un-rooted.

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