Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – September 16, 2011 Proudly Presents our Top 10 Apps of the week for September 16, 2011…

1. Circus City

Circus City is a new “City” building game from Glu Mobile. Building games are all the rage now, and it’s nice to see one take the Circus Route and let you build your own Big Top. Circus City has plenty of things for you to build like the Ring Toss, Dunk Tank, Mirror House, and Mini Golf just to name a few. You also have to hire performers for the main tent which can also be expanded to house 3 acts. If you enjoy building games, but are tired of the same old city setup you’ll definitely enjoy Circus City. It’s a great little time killer, and you can get it for free in the Market.

2. Dark Maze

Maze games can get boring when you’re just rolling a marble around a level towards the exit. Dark Maze from Zomg Games Studio put a twist on the old Maze games, as you’ll have to do their maze in the dark. You’ll race against the clock through around 20 different levels while avoiding traps, collecting coins, and hitting levers with only the beam of a flashlight to guide your way. You can check out Dark Maze in the market for free.

3. 106 & Park App

If you’re a fan of BET or its popular show 106 & Park you’re going to be thrilled with the new 106 & Park App. The app is packed full of clips, videos, tweets, pics, and articles about your favorite artists and has a couple of unique features as well. You can vote for your favorite video by “scratching” a record as fast as you can and scan barcodes as they appear in-show for a chance to win prizes and unlock content. You can also tweet to the 106 & Park crew from the app itself, and see who’s going to be on the show that night. It’s a very useful app if you’re a fan, and best of all it’s free!

4. Beat Back the Horde

Beat Back the Horde is a rhythm-time strategy game from the BBTH Team. Beat Back is definitely a different kind of game as you’ll place units while tapping to the beat, and building up combos will give you Über Units. There are 5 different songs to play, achievements, and 2-player mode via Bluetooth. It’s a fun little game, and one you need to check out for yourself to really get what it’s about. Beat Back the Horde is free to download in the Android market.

5. Manilla

Manilla is a very cool app that gives you a secure place to stay on top of your bills, subscriptions, travel rewards programs, and finances. The app works in unison with the Manilla website, and also has a handy “reminder” system so you’ll never be late with a payment again. I personally use this one, and it really is a great way to keep track of everything, all in one place. It’s a great app (and service) that you can check out for free.

6. R-Type

A blast from the past hit the market this week in the form of R-Type from DotEmu. They left the game just like you remembered it complete with 8 levels and two modes of difficulty. There are plenty of weapons, power-ups, and attachments to use as you take down 8 unique bosses and countless waves of enemies. If you enjoyed the original, you’ll want to grab this version and you can do so for $4.10 cents in the market.

7. Tattoo Cam

Tattoo Cam is a cool little app that lets you see what a Tattoo might look like on your body without all the pain. Simply take a photo of the area you want the tattoo in, and pick from over 70 designs stored in Tattoo Cam. Each tattoo can be rotated, resized or made translucent so you should be able to add a tat (and make it look right) almost anywhere you wish. Tattoo Cam is free to download from the market.

8. Wiki Mobile Ad Free

Who doesn’t use Wikipedia nowadays? A lot of us do and those of us with mobiles have been stuck with Wiki apps that are chocked full of ads. Mobile Wiki Ad Free is sans ads, and it’s got some other cool features as well. It has voice search, page sharing, live search suggestions, and the ability to save the Wiki articles offline to your SD card for later viewing. The pages look great on my captive, and all the features work well. Great app to have if you use Wiki from you mobile a lot, and it’s free!

9. Earth and Legend

Earth and Legend is a new 3D RPG from developers Dvide Arts Incorporated makers of the popular game Crusade of Destiny. The new RPG gives you WiFi Multiplayer, Pets, and a real in-game Night & Day system. Earth & Legend also has a cool weather system with rain and snow at higher elevations. Some spells draw directly from thunder & lightning so when it storms the caster becomes much more powerful. I wasn’t able to give this a “full” run through yet, but so far it’s pretty slick. No free version is available right now, and the full version will set you back $6.99.

10. Dragon Rush

Like Dragons? If you do, chances are you’ll like Dragon Rush where you’ll help Bluppy the Dragon try to get his girlfriend back. You’ll have to race (steer) Bluppy through 5 colorful levels while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. It’s a nice “quick play” game, that you can check it out for free.

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