Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – September 2, 2011 is proud to present our Top 10 Android Apps of the week for September 1, 2011…

1. Muffin Knight

Like colorful platformers? How about Muffins? If you’ve answered yes to either one of those questions, there’s not doubt you’ll enjoy Muffin Knight from Angry Mob Games. The makers of Guerrilla Bob dropped a new game this morning called Muffin Knight and it looks to be pretty damn slick. It’s got 15 different characters, boss battles, and it’s a cross-platform game that you can play with your iPhone wielding buddies. It just came out a few hours ago, so I haven’t had time for a full run through, but I can promise it’s a good game. No trial version is available, but the free version can be had for $2.99.

2. Madden NFL 12

The powerhouse known as Madden popped out this years version of their popular football game called Madden 12. It’s got all your favorite teams & players along with several different modes of play to put you right into the game. The hard thing about Madden is you’re trying to play a full fledged football game one a mobile device, and people should keep that in mind when checking it out. Personally, it ran great on my Captivate with no issues at all. That being said, it can take a while to get used to the touch controls, hot routes, etc.. but once you do it’s quite a bit of fun. No free version is available, but you can get the paid version for $6.99 from the Android market.

3. Bloody Bunnies

Bloody Bunnies is a slick new game from Mental Warp games that puts you online against other folks to see who’s got the baddest bunny around. You hop onto your opponents heads to take them out, and you’ll do it in some great looking 3D environments. It’s very easy to control your rabbit, and if you want to let the kids take a crack at it you can turn off the blood which is a nice touch. Overall, it’s a fun game and one you should definitely check out. Bloody Bunnies is free to download in the Android market.

4.Battle for Wesnoth

Androth softworks released the official port of Battle for Wesnoth this week, and it’s guaranteed to steal away hours of your life. This turn-based strategy RPG has 200+ scenarios and 15 campaigns which means TONS of depth; especially when you factor in the 200 different unit types, weapons, and spells. Battle for Wesnoth is a welcome addition to Androids RPG genre, and a game any fan of old school RPG’s will want to check out. The Battle for Wesnoth is available with a free & paid version, both of which can be downloaded from the Android market.

5. Doodle Farm

Developers Joybits have been busy little bees lately by releasing two new doodle games onto the market in as many weeks. This weeks entry into the fray is called Doodle Farm, and if you liked Doodle God or Doodle Devil, you’ll already know the fun that’s in store with Doodle Farm. You’ll put animals together in this version, and you’ll have about any kind of animal you can think of to work with. From Monkeys and Cows to Flamingos & Kangaroos, Doodle Farm has plenty of animals to unlock. It’s a great game, and one that’s guaranteed to keep you busy for ages. No free version at the moment, but the paid version can be had for $2.96.

6. Pixel Rain

Pixel Rain is a cool, new physics puzzler from Silicon Studio. You’ll need to protect your jewels & coins from the Pixel rain, and you can do it by dropping old school LCD shapes onto you’re targets. If your items get hit by a drop of pixel rain, it’s game over; the same can be said if you let you’re object fall off of the screen. It’s quite challenging to be honest, and doing this game with Pixels & LCD shapes was definitely a cool shout out to those classic gaming days. Pixel Rain has 64 brain-bending levels to keep you busy, and best of all you can get it for free!

7. Crayon Cannon

Crayon Cannon is a quirky new game from developers Cat Studio. You’ll get to blast ragdoll’s out of a cannon while trying to hit your target/goal for each level, and you’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. There are a ton of levels to go through with a whopping 120 levels in the paid version, and 60 in the free version which is great for those wanting to try the game first. The graphics are done up in Crayon style and look great against the colored backdrop of the game. Crayon Cannon is a cool little game, and one we definitely recommend you check out.

8. Third Blade

Looking for a game with a lot of action? If so, look no further than the latest release from Com2US called Third Blade. This action-packed game gives you 3 different types of blades which you’ll use to take down a plethora of monsters as you travel across the colorful landscapes. Third Blade has a unique battle system, and lots of different upgrades for your weapons along with several different modes of play. There’s a lot more to Third Blade than I can put into a short summery so look out for a full review in the very near future. In the meantime, you can check out Third Blade for free in the Market.

9. Jellyballs +

Jellyballs is a new color-matching game from Kiwano Software that puts your accelerometer into play. As usual, you need to try and group balls together to score, but the whole rotating your phone angle of the game is a nice change of pace. It’s got a nice soundtrack, three levels of difficulty, and scoring via the popular OpenFeint scoring system. It’s a great casual time-killer that you can pick up for free in the market.  

10. TopFloor Foosball

From Family rooms to Frat houses, Foosball has been a popular game for a long time now. If you’re looking for a solid Foosball game for your Android device, you may want to checkout TopFloor Foosball from TopFloor games. The games let’s you challenge the A.I. or your friends in online multi-player mode, and also has a single player mode with 3 different levels of difficulty. If your a foosball fan, you can checkout TopFloor Foosball in the market for .99 cents.

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