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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – September 23, 2011

by On Proudly Presents our Top 10 Apps of the week for September 23, 2011…

1. Clowning Around

Cannons, trampolines, and clowns oh my! The circus came to Android this week in the form of Clowning Around from Android from Ace Viral. The Circus clowns are hanging from chains (which is where they should stay), and your job is to cut them down and move them along to the dunking barrels. The gameplay is in the same vein as Cut the Rope, the circus vibe is cool, and the clowns aren’t too scary. Overall, it’s a great new game and a welcome addition to the market. You can grab the free version to test it out or step up and get the full version for $1.08.

2. Pick a Piggy

Pick a Piggy is a fun, new physics-puzzler from Dynamic Pixels. You’ll have to launch Pong the piggy through the dusty old house starting in the basement, and working your way up to freedom. You’ll bounce the portly porker off walls and onto platforms while collecting stars along the way. There are plenty of dangers along the way as well, as you’ll need to watch out for spider webs, trap doors, rats, and electricity just to name a few. There are some very cool power-ups (mini-pigs), and plenty of interaction with your environment as you blast your way through 100 levels on your way to freedom. No free version as of yet, but the paid version is a deal at only .99 cents.  

3. Sing my Fortune

Remember the old Magic 8-ball… Ya’ know the one you’d shake up and ask questions to get a yes or no answer? Developers Appfrantic have put a new twist on that fortune telling game in the form of Sing my Fortune. Simply as your question, press the microphone and you’ll get your response from a “Top Pro vocal artist.” I’m not sure about the “Top Pro” part, but the answers are very amusing and a nice change from the classic Magic 8-ball. The light version gives you a sample of the app with several responses while the full version gives you 10x the answers to your question. It’s a fun little app, and definitely worth checking out.  

4. Eve of Genesis

I’m always on the look out for new RPG games, and ones with a retro theme have always held a special place in my heart. Eve of Genesis is a new RPG game with an old school look from Kemco Games makers of the popular game Symphony of Eternity. It has all the standard stuff like dungeons, gems, skills, and a little something called the Record Books which sounds pretty cool. I haven’t gotten to play this one yet, but am ranking it high based on the look of the game and how solid Kemco’s last game’s were. It’s not a cheap game either, but is on sale right now for 50% off it’s usual $10.46.

5. StarDash

Developers Orange Pixel dropped another retro style game onto the market this week in the form of StarDash. The newest game in their catalog takes the form of a classic Gameboy game, and is complete with awesome pixely graphics and cool chiptunes. You’ll get 40 levels, and 4 unlockable temples to go through; it’s also a tough game so the depth of play is certainly going to be there. You can check out the free (ad-supported) version or grab the full version sans ads for $2.17.

6. The Beer App – Oktoberfest Edition

What happens when you cross an Android App with Beer & Bavarians? You get The BeerApp – Oktoberfest Edition from developer Peter Fröhlich. The BeerApp is your audio guide to any authentic Oktoberfest celebration, and it will let you order your brews in style. You can select the different drinks or dishes you desire along with the quantities, press a button and the BeerApp takes care of the rest. Yup, it will order your food/drinks for you, and it will do it in a real Bavarian voice. The app also comes with some handy sayings, pick up lines (awesome), and pictures to help you pick the best choice. It’s a must get app for anyone that enjoys Oktoberfest or Beer! No free version at the moment, but the full version can be had for $1.08.

7. Galactic Snooker Lite

Galactic Snooker Lite lets you take command of an alien spacecraft, and launch planets using a wide variety of intergalactic phenomenon. You’ll need to make the impossible shot and block the White Hold as you play through 15 levels set in deep space. The full version of the game (not yet released) will give you 30 levels, a level creator, and plenty of action in Nebular and Warp Space. You can check out the free version in the Android Market, no ETA on full version yet.


8. PhotoSequence Pro

This next app has been out for a few weeks, but somehow slipped past me so I’m adding it in now. PhotoSequence Pro is a handy little app that let’s you take a burst of pictures on your Android device. You can change up your shutter speed, arrange photo sequences, and save all the keepers to your gallery. You can share all your photos online, and the app is only limited by the camera speed & resolution of your phone. Very cool app from bitRibelle Ltd, and you can check it out for $2.34 in the android market.

9. Wood Animals for Kids

All kids love animals, but teaching them about them can be somewhat difficult as we all know kids have very short attention spans in most cases. Wood Animals for Kids is a new app that will teach your children about Woodland creatures in a fun & creative way. Your kids are guided through the app by two little robots who’ll explain what the animals are, and entertain them with sounds, photos, and activities. You’ll get three animals to try in the free version while the full version gives you 15 animals like deer, skunks, beavers, owls and wolfs. You can check out the trial version in the market or pick up the paid, full version for $1.07.

10. Drop the Star

Drop the Star is a new, colorful physics based game from Happy Angel Games. This little star is scared of heights, and you’ll have to destroy the blocks to help the little guy get back to the ground and a safe base. Points are earned for completing levels, and can be used to buy power-ups from the in-game store. Drop the Star has plenty of levels with a whopping 120 that span 8 different worlds. I found it to be a cool little game, and one that almost anyone in the family should be able to enjoy. You can check out Drop the Star in the Android market for free.