Top 10 Android Games of the Week – January 8th, 2012

The first week of 2012 is in the books, and while it was a pretty slow week for games we did get a few good ones. This week gamers were able to fire hamsters from cannons, control robots, crush diamonds, and take on tanks with wizards among other crazy tasks.  Without further ado, here are our Top picks for the week of January 8th, 2012…

1. Lord of Darkness

Lord of Darkness is a new hack and slash game from Bicore makers of the popular game Demon Hunter. Their newest game is a trip as you’ll start out at the bottom of a 100 level tower and have to work your way back up to the top. There are bosses, lots of weapons, skills and plenty of levels for some extreme gameplay. This is a very cool game and one everybody should definitely check out. You can pick up Lord of Darkness for free in the Android market.

2. Hamster Cannon

Big Blue Bubble has let gamers Burn Ropes, Fling Things and now they’re letting us shoot hamsters from cannons in Hamster Cannon. You’ll need to help the lil’ hamsters get the delicious Golden Noms by firing them through the air in more than 70 different levels. It’s a physics game with a sense of humor, and it’s free to download in the Android market.

3. DB42

DB42 is a tricky new puzzler from Gushiku Studios that puts you into the role of a little robot called DB42 or Deeby for short. You’ll send Deeby running, jumping, and swinging through the Cynobotic Army’s Advanced Robotic Training grounds and off into over 100 levels of fun. It’s one of those game you really need to see to “get”, and once you get it you’ll won’t put it down for awhile. The light version of DB42 gives you 20 levels while the full version gives you around 100 for $1.99.

4. Gone Fishing

Drimmi LLC dropped a fun little game this week called Gone Fishing. The game features over 100 species of fish, several different ponds, and more than 50 types of bait and tackle. Catching the fish is done quickly (usually) through a slider system, and there are more than enough types of fish and bait to keep you busy for ages. While I haven’t got to spend a lot of time with it, I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far. You can find Gone Fishing in the Android market for free.

5. Pawn Shop Tycoon

This one doesn’t really qualify as “new” anymore, but a friend of mine introduced me to it last week and I had to put it on the list. Pawn Shop Tycoon is a new simulation game from WMD Entertainment that lets you run….. a Pawnshop!! Personally, I think this is an outstanding idea for a game and am surprised nobody’s done it until now. The game could definitely use some tweaking and the graphics won’t blow you away, but it’s surprisingly fun to play. I will have a full in-depth review on the game up in a few days, until then you can check out Pawn Store Tycoon for $0.99 in the market.

6. Cannon Legend

Feelingtouch, makers of popular games like Dragon Hunter and Ninja Rush dropped a slick 3D game into the market this week with Cannon Legend. This game puts you to work blasting enemies with a mega-cannon across three unique and colorful worlds.  Cannon Legend utilizes a Talent System to upgrade your cannon and gives you survival mode for each campaign mission you complete. Very cool game, and you can get it for free in the market.

7. Desert Winds Mini Game

This entry really isn’t a full game, but a playable demo of sorts of a slick upcoming game called Desert Winds. It’s an action-adventure style game with super slick graphics while the gameplay has elements of Blood & Glory as you’ll use block/shield, attack, and dodge during the fights. The full game will be out sometime this summer, but this “mini-game” is a very nice playable preview of what’s to come. If you’re snapdragon can run it, you can pick up Desert Winds in the market for free.

8. Tanks vs Wizards

Tanks vs Wizards is a new, fast-paced artillery game from Playphone Inc. makers of Castle of Shadows. As it’s an artillery game there’s only one goal which is to destroy your opponent and stay alive. The game features real-time deathmatch action, powerful weapons, numerous items, and plenty of Tanks an Wizards of course. It’s an unlikely combination, but a fun one and you can try it out for free in the market.

9. Pirate Mysteries

Fans of Hidden Object games got a fun surprise with Pirate Mysteries from Kristanix games. This new hidden object puzzler drops you into a tale full of monkeys, masks, possessed fathers, and the underworld. Storyline aside, you’ll need to find objects on 30 different levels and solve mini-games as you solve the ancient mysteries. You can pick up Pirate Mysteries in the Android market for $0.99.

10. Diamond Crusher

Diamond Crusher is a new match-3 game from Mobivention that you users crush diamonds as they try for the high score. You can set time limits for the main mode and the game has a high score table along with Openfeint to help users track their scores. There’s a free version available or a Pro mode that gives gamers 3 extra modes and no ads for $1.79.

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