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Everyone loves a good Top 10 list, and for awhile now we’ve been meaning to do a few lists for a few of the Top developers to highlight their best Android Games. Well, we’re going to start today and first up is the gaming giant known as Gameloft. In my time dealing with Android games I’ve watched Gameloft grow from a knock-off dev that popped out games that were similar to some very well known titles to a company that’s putting out high end movie tie-in’s for some of this year’s biggest films like Spider-Man, Men in Black 3, and Batman of course. Whether it was a knock-off, original, or movie game they’ve always had high quality stuff even if it’s been a bit hard to download at times. After much debate (and a bit of arguing) we finally came up with 10 Gameloft games we think are the best, and we only used ones that are currently available on Google Play so everyone can enjoy them.  Without further ado here’s our list of Gameloft’s Top 10 Android Games…

1. 9mm

If you love games like Grand Theft Auto then you’ll definitely dig 9mm from Gameloft. 9mm is the story of street-wise cop named John “Loose” Kannon who doesn’t care to get his hands dirty (or line his pockets) cleaning up the streets. Kannon makes a mistake when he accidently kills a drug lords brother and now he’s got half the city after him so you’ll have to take out the gang before they take you out. This third-person shooter is full of action, destructible 3D environments, and most importantly blazing gun battles. If you haven’t played this one yet you’re really missing out, but you can remedy this by heading over to Google Play and picking up 9mm for $6.99.

2. Six-Guns

Six-Guns is the only “real” Western game on Android, and if you’ve played Red Dead you’ll have no problem picking this one up although you may have a hard time putting it down. Six-Guns lets you freely explore the Old West as you take on missions involving outlaws, vampires, and plenty of other unexpected foes. There are plenty of tasks to complete and several different types of weapons, horses, and clothing for your cowboy. It’s by far the best looking Western game you’ll find on a mobile device, and you can pick it up for free!

3. Let’s Golf! 3

  Let’s Golf! 3 is the latest installment in Gameloft’s fun little golf series which seems to get better with every iteration. Let’s Golf! 3 lets you create your own golfer and compete against folks from around the world as you play courses set around the world from the Great Wall of China to Outer Space. If you’re looking for more of a full fledged golf game over a flick one, Let’s Golf! 3 is the game to get. You can get Let’s Golf! 3 for free on Google Play.

4. Ice Age Village

There are dozens of city building games out there, but Gameloft really knocked it out of the park with Ice Age Village. This little Android game lets you build up a prehistoric village with a little help from Manny, Ellie, Sid, and Diego. The gameplay is just what you’d expect from any building game, but the graphics are some of the best we’ve ever seen with games in this genre. There’s plenty to build and plenty of mini-games and missions to undertake, and you get to do it all with all the great characters from the Ice Age Movies. This is still one of my favorite building games, and you can get it for free on Google Play.

5. Order & Chaos

If you play World of Warcraft you’ve probably longed to have it on your phone or tablet, but that ain’t gonna’ happen. The next best thing is a MMORPG called Order & Chaos and it’s the closest thing you’re going to see to WOW on your phone. The game can be had for as little as a buck, but just like WOW you’ll have to pay a subscription fee although it’s cheap with prices ranging from $0.99 a month to $2.99 per month for 6 months. It’s a good deal and Order & Chaos is a “must have” game if you’re a WOW gamer.

6. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is another GTA style game from Gameloft and while it has a lot in common with 9mm one major thing is different… you get sandbox gameplay in this one. You’ll get to roam through the mean streets of Rio de Janeiro from the jungles to the favelas while taking on missions, killing politicians, stealing cars, and generally causing a lot of havoc. It’s definitely not a game for the kids, but it’s definitely a rock solid game for gamers. You can pick up Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for $6.99 on Google Play.

7. Shark Dash

Sure Gameloft does a lot of shooters and racing game, but they can also do physics puzzlers as they proved with Shark Dash. You’ll play Sharkee the toy shark whose world has been turned upside down by some mischievous rubber ducks that have kidnapped his girl Sally. You’ll have to fling yourself through a slew of fun stages to get Sally back and get revenge on those dastardly ducks. There’s a paid version of Shark Dash you can get for a buck or there’s a free version you can try out. Both versions of Shark Dash (and a LWP) are available on Google Play.

8. Dark Knight Rises

Last month the world saw the final Batman film from Nolan & his crew, and we also got an Android game based on the movie with Gameloft’s Dark Knight Rises.The Dark Knight Rises game follows the movies storyline as you try and take on Bane and save Gotham one last time. It’s one of the best looking Android games we’ve seen from any genre, and if you’ve got a device that can run it you’ll want to show this one off to your friends and brag a bit. You can get the Dark Knight Rises for $6.99 on Google Play. The Spider-Man game is great too, but we had to go with Batman sorry Spidey fans…

9. Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3 lets you run your own MIB Agency while following the storyline from this summer’s MIB 3 release. You’ll get to train agents, take on missions, upgrade your agency, and fight evil aliens in several different locations across New York City. What’s better is you’ll get to do it all in 2012 and 1969 with a lot of characters & weaponry from the MIB Universe. You can pick up Men In Black 3 for free on Google Play.

10. Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7: heat hasn’t been out long, but it’s already received praise from fans as one of the top racing games around. You’ll hit the track with over 60 different cars including Ferrari’s, Aston Martins, and even a good old DeLorean. You can race on 15 gorgeous tracks set in real cities around the world, and you’ll also get to beat your friends online or off. It’s a great new racing game and it’s available to download for only $0.99.

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