Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – August 19, 2012

We missed last week, but this week we’re back with a vengeance and 10 New Android Apps for you to peruse. Whether you’ve got high blood pressure, like to color, or want to Pin things we have you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Sunday while you browse our list of the Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week…

1. Pinterest

Pinterest finally released their official Android app this week, and if you’re a pinner you’re probably in hog heaven right now. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest it’s basically an app that lets you organize and share anything & everything you find cool on the web. You can use it to organize vacations, music videos, ideas or just cool swag. You can show off your pinboards or browse others users boards to find even more cool stuff. Basically once you get started you’ll probably lose hours of your life to the Pinterest app just browsing through pinboards and adding things to your own. You do have to have an account to use the app, and I believe it’s still by invitation but you generally get an invite within a week. The site and app are both free though and a lot of fun to use.

2. WWE App

Wrestling fans finally had a reason to rejoice this week as we got our first solid wrestling Android App and it’s from the fine folks of the WWE. The WWE App covers all things WWE past and present include the stars of the WWF before the changeover. You can brose videos, wrestlers, and events… and you can even buy WWE swag from the shop. We’ve already discussed the app a bit in an article yesterday, but didn’t even mention a few of the other cool features like the in-app access to WWE’s companion viewing experience which goes live during each week’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw. It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re a fan of the WWE or even an old-school WWF fan like me you’ll want to grab this app. You can pick up the WWE app for free on Google Play.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts decided to throw their hat into the app arena this week as they released the official Dunkin’ Donuts app for Android. The app lets you browse the food & drink menu, gives you some dietary info, and most importantly let’s you pay for coffee from your Android device once you’ve funded your account. Not all locations will have the ability to accept payments via your phone yet, but it probably won’t take long for all Dunkin’ Donuts to get things going just like Starbucks did. You can get the Dunkin’ Donuts app for free on Google Play.

4. Funny Mouth

Android Apps do a lot of different things, and some like Funny Mouth from Digeebird are good for just one thing… a good laugh. Funny Mouth is a “mouth simulation” app that lets you select a mouth to do the talking for you. You just pick a mouth, hold the phone in front of yours and blabber away while the app animates the funny mouth on the screen. It’s a good app to break out with your friends, and you can get it for free.

5. Coloring Book Doodle

We covered this one earlier in the week, and with good reason… it’s a great app and it keeps the kids busy! Coloring Book Doodle is an app that does what it says, it lets your kids doodle and color on around 100 different coloring book pages straight from your phone or tablet. They’ll be no more messy crayons on the wall or table, and it’s guaranteed to keep the kids busy for awhile. You can pick up BeJoy Mobile’s Coloring Book Doodle for free on Google Play.

6. WiFi Shoot Beta

WiFi Shoot is a handy new Android app that uses WiFi direct technology to wirelessly send photos from one device to another. If you take a lot of photos and are looking for an easy way to send them to other devices this app is the one for you. You do have to have a device that’s capable of WiFi direct and must be running ICS or Jelly Bean to use the app. You can check out Budius Inc’s WiFi Shoot for free on Google Play.

7. ButtonBeats Dubstep Balls

ButtonBeats Dubstep Balls is an Android app that lets you play with little shiny ball bearing like things to make beats, and it’s quite a bit of fun. You simply need to press a ball/button to start a beat, and can add as many others as you like to the mix or stop ones that don’t fit in. It’s simple to use, and fun to fool around with if you’re into Techno/Club music.

8. Talking Skeleton

Talking Skeleton is another “talking app” that lets you voice your opinion through a talking skeleton.  It’s just like all the other talking dog, cat, rabbit, alien, and elephant apps, but with a slick looking skeleton who happens to enjoy the guitar. I’ve enjoyed fooling around with this app, but there is a drawback as it boots up when you start your phone. Not a deal breaker, but there’s no reason for the app to do that so I had to drop it down on the list for that. If you’re ready to play with some funny bones you can pick up Talking Skeleton or Talking Skeleton HD on Google Play.

9. Trello

A little organization always makes life easier, and Trello is an Android app that can help you out in that area. Trello lets you organize everything from birthday parties to grocery lists, and you can even invite people to check out your boards so you can work together on things. It’s a very easy app to use, and best of all it’s free!

10. Blood Pressure Diary

High Blood Pressure is a medical issue that affects millions of people on a daily basis, and you don’t have to be elderly to have your blood pressure go through the roof. Blood Pressure Diary is a blood pressure tracking app that lets you keep tabs on your blood pressure in several different ways so you can find out when you’re getting stressed and keep a record of your stats day to day. It’s a very easy app to use, and a good one to have on hand if you have High Blood pressure. You can pick up Fruct’s Blood Pressure Diary for free on Google Play.

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