Top 10 New Android Games of the Day – April 19th, 2012

Good Android Games have been coming out with alarming speed lately, and today there were well over 10 “good” new ones that dropped into Google play. We’ve covered a few games today already and whether you want to fling sharks, kill pigs, build an Island village or refine a little oil there’s a little something for everyone today. If the next three days stay this busy our Top 10 on Sunday may be a Top 20 this week. I’m making this one short and sweet, so sit back and enjoy the Top 10 New Android Games of the Day for April 19th, 2012…

1. Hambo

My personal favorite on the list is a little game called Hambo from Hambo puts you into the role of a mercenary pig that’s out to save his old buddy Bacon from the evil pig soldiers. Hambo has a unique style of gameplay, and it’s a game with a great sense of humor. You can read more about Hambo here or check it out for yourself on Google Play.

2. Zombies Wave

All I’m going to say about this one is it involves a lot of Zombies, it’s a defensive game, and the graphics are top-notch. I’ll have a write up on this one tomorrow, but advise you to check Zombies Wave out for yourself today. Zombies Wave is free to pick up on Google Play.

3. Shark Dash

Gameloft dropped a physics-based game this morning called Shark Dash which we covered a few hours ago. You can read more about it here, there isn’t a free version available, but the paid version will only set you back $0.99.

4. The Island: Castaway

G5 is well known for their time management/building games and they’ve added another one to their list with The Island: Castaway. Unfortunately you won’t get to see a disheveled Tom Hanks or Wilson, but you will get to build a lot of cool things on an Island. You can check out The Island: Castaway for free.

5. NaftaBaron HD

Nafta Baron is 3D real-time strategy sim that lets you control an oil refinery to pull up Texas Tea from the ground. I haven’t played this one yet, but plan on it as I love simulation games and the whole Oil Tycoon thing is something I haven’t seen before on Android. Free and Paid version of Nafta Baron HD are available for download.

6. Nightmare Conquest

Nightmare Conquest is a cool little button masher with a unique style and a nice sense of humor. You get a faithful servant named Larry to guide you through the game, and you get to kill a whole lotta’ monsters. Free and Paid versions of Nightmare Conquest are available to download.

7. Icy Joe Free

ArtOfBytes have made Tower Defense fun with their series of GRave Defense games, and now they’re back with something a little different called Icy Joe. Icy Joe has to smash his way through Icy worlds with nothing but a hammer and his wits. It’s a fun little time-killer and there’s a demo version available if you want to give it a run.

8. Blood Brothers

Mobage has put out some killer games over the past year including the mega popular Pocket Frogs and my personal favorite Tiny Tower. Now they’ve given us something new to play called Blood Brothers, and if you dig Vampires & RPG’s you’ll probably want to check it out. Blood Brothers is available for free on Google Play.

9. X-Ball Hero

X-Ball Hero is a new game from Pilcom that involves a ball and a hefty dose of physics. You have to fire the ball to collect the stars on each level, and the game manages to be tricky but fun. There are more than 50 missions in the game, and you can check it out for free on Google Play.

10. Online RPG Celes Arca

Online RPG Celes Arca is a new MMORPG from Asobimo Inc. that features vast fantasy worlds, real time communication, and over 10 trillion dressing patterns. We’re not sure what that last part means or if it’s totally true, but the game looks great and is definitely worth a closer look. You can check out the 10 trillion dressing patterns for yourself on Google Play for free.  

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