Top 10 Personal Finance Apps

  Having a smartphone is the norm these days. Whether you use an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone, you can keep productive and organized by downloading apps that will improve your everyday life. Personal finance apps are a must. If you have your own company, you can even do research on the business credit cards for new business or search for the best credit card offer directly on your phone. Be sure to explore these great apps:   Chase Mobile  • Chase Mobile is a great free app that individuals who own an iPhone or Android can use if they have an account with Chase Bank. With this app, you can easily manage all of your accounts directly from your smartphone. PayPal  • PayPal is a free app that is available for iPhone and Android. If you do work online that requires you to have your own PayPal account to get paid, this app is a must. It lets you send money or transfer funds from your PayPal to your checking account. Pageonce  • Pageonce is a free for downloading to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. It pulls all of your money accounts into one place for easier management. You can set up reminders of when bills are due, monitor your credit card transactions and check the status of your bank accounts. Yahoo Finance • Yahoo! Finance, the Web’s #1 Finance site, is now available on your Android phone. With Yahoo! Finance you can view the daily market summary and news, track tickers you’re interested in and watch Tech Ticker videos. Add and remove stocks from your watch list, as well as view your Y! Finance portfolios from the PC. Google Finance • Google Finance is a free Android app that offers users real time stock quotes. It also allows you to store your own portfolio and provides you with the latest news from the stock market. Personal Finance  • Personal Finance is a wonderful free app that is available for iPhone and Android. It is hailed as one of the best apps for managing your money in one place and allows you to track and budget your finances. You can view all of your transactions within the app and it is protected by a passcode. Fidelity Investments  • Fidelity Investments is a free app for the Android that lets you monitor your portfolio and make transactions in your mutual funds and other accounts. You can even monitor the status of the market in real time. BillTracker Lite  • BillTracker Lite is free for Android and helps you to better organize your bills by placing them in one convenient location. You can manage each bill and set up reminders of when one is due. It is safe and secure. Bloomberg • Get business/finance news, market data and stock tracking tools from the most trusted source financial professionals around the world rely upon. Get comprehensive news coverage along with easy-to-understand charts and graphs that illustrate the impact of important business trends and issues.  • is a free app for the iPhone and Android that allows you to use your device’s camera to take photos of all of your receipts. This is a great way to go green in saving paper and you will always have any receipt you need on your phone.   With all of these great personal finance apps, you will have less worries about your money. They are all well worth investigating and downloading to your smartphone.

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