Top 10 Retro Android Games

As you get a bit older it’s always fun to look back on some things from your youth, and Retro Games are a great way to do that. There are lots of Retro Android apps in the market, and we picked out 10 great games with a Retro vibe. It doesn’t matter if you were into Rpg’s or LCD’s, there’s a little something for everyone in the list. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Retro Android Games…

1. Gurk II, The 8-bit RPG

If you’re a fan of old school RPG games, Gurk II is something you’re going to wanna to check out. It’s a Retro RPG game that has quests, potions, spells, boats, and plenty of 8-bit monsters. It’s a definite throwback to the RPG’s from the old NES days, and it’s hands down the best Retro RPG on Android. You can get Gurk II for the low price of .99 cents in the Android market.

2. Parashoot

Parashoot is a blocky new Retro game from developers We Came from Mars. Parashoot puts you behind a turret where you’ll have to take out enemy paratroopers, helicopters and bombs. It does get tricky though, if you fire your gun to fast it will overheat and you’ll soon meet your demise at the hands of your blocky enemy. It’s a fun little game, that’s a throwback to retro classics like Paratroopers and Sabotage. Parashoot is available to download in a free, or paid version from the market.

3. Retro Defense

If you want a game that’s the epitome of Retro, then look no further than Retro Defense from Larva Labs. It has some slick graphics, 24 levels of play, and 10 different types of towers. The towers can all be upgraded, and you’ll need to do so as you’ll be combating 6 different types of colorful enemies. Retro Defense is an excellent game, and it’s available in free and paid versions.

4. Copycat

Remember Simon? Most of us do, and Copycat from Imgwerx is as close as you’ll get to having the real deal on your phone. All you need to do is repeat the pattern it gives you, but it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. Copycat has a free version for folks to try, while the paid version will give you another mode of play and several different style options.

5. TimeChaos

Like the classic Gameboy games? If so, you’re going to love TimeChaos from Orange Pixel. TimeChaos is a fun side-scrolling shooter that looks like it came straight from 1989. It has the classic Gameboy color scheme, and the music is dead-on. It’s simple to play and a must have for anyone that loved 80s gaming.

6. Kami Retro

As the name implies, Kami Retro is a very Retro game. The graphics, soundtrack, and even the colors scream retro, and the game is a whole lotta’ fun as well.  It has 5 colorful worlds to jump through, and around 60 levels. Kami Retro is a fun retro platformer, and you can check it out for free.

7. Return Zero

We Came from Mars gets another spot on our list for another one of their great games called Return Zero. Return Zero is a very cool Retro Racer that’s easy to play and hard to put down. You’ll collect blue gates for speed while avoiding the red and yellow ones as you jet through 3 retro worlds. It has the OpenFeint achievement system, and has free & paid versions available.

8. LCD Retro Games Collection

LCD Games have been around since the late 70s, and now you can even get a few on your Android device. The LCD Retro Games collection from Jasotec gives you 3 retro LCD games in one package including Power Racer, Coconut Joe, and Letter shoot. The free version which will let you play Power Racer while the paid version gives you all three for $2.13.

9. Juggle!

Juggle! is sort of a cross between the classic game Pong and juggling. You’re given a paddle and simply have to keep the balls going in the air. It’s much harder than it sounds, but easy enough where anyone can play. Juggle! has 5 different paddle sensitivities, awesome sound effects, and a great Retro vibe. There are free, paid HD, and paid XHD versions available in the market to download.

10. Handheld Football

Handheld football takes you back to the days of the classic hand-held football games of the 70s & 80s. It has three different difficulty levels and customizable player colors and skins. Most of all its got that great retro feel, and is a game any fan of classic football games should check out. No free version right now, but you can get the paid version for only .99 cents.

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