The problem that people had with the CD Walkman was that you had to carry around the CDs that you wanted to listen to. This meant that if you didn’t take a certain album or single out with you, you didn’t have the option to listen to it. Taking your entire CD collection just wasn’t practical. The evolution of mp3 players and iPods addressed this issue – now you could carry a huge library of music around with you in your pocket or the palm of your hand. But this still poses a problem – you are limited to the music that you happen to have downloaded and synched to your device at any one time.

What if you fancy something else? What if you want to listen to music being streamed live from an online radio station? Thanks to the development of a variety of live music streaming apps, you can do exactly that from your smartphone or similar mobile device. You can use the power of a nearby Wi fi connection, or your phone’s 3 or 4G, to access the internet and have thousands of songs, multiple genres and a variety of radio stations at your fingertips. Here are three of the best music streaming apps currently out there, available on both iOS and Android.

1. is a nice, simple music streaming app that is easy for anyone to use. On the home screen, you can view a variety of different categories of radio stations – the Top 100, local stations, and even your history. You can view all stations, divided by genre, and pick whatever you fancy.

2.    Live365

Live365 radio has a great, professional feel to it. It’s full of images accompanying the various genres of music on offer, and these are plentiful, along with numerous sub-genres. The app also offers recommendations to each user based on what you listen to, as well as what tracks are currently popular.

3.    TuneIN

Finally, TuneIN radio is a super neat streaming application, with over 40,000 local stations for users to choose from. They are divided into genres and categories, with many sub-categories to help you filter further. You can set stations as your Favourites and then access them straight away. TuneIN also includes stations featuring talk shows, news, and even sport commentaries.

You can find the specs of the smartphone handsets that can accept apps on the Dialaphone website.


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