April has finally begun. The one thing I always look forward to in April besides Easter is the start of Baseball season. If you’re a Baseball fan or fanatic, Android has an app for that. I scoured the market, and here are the 5 of the best Baseball apps around…

Homerun Battle 3D

If you’ve not played this game yet, you don’t know what your missing. It’s one of the most popular games out and never gets old. Your goal is to hit homeruns, and hit them you will. It has online match-ups, great graphics, and you can even customize your player. There are quite a few other cool features, but the heart of the game is the online play. There are always people online, and you won’t have to wait over 5 seconds to find an opponent. It’s an Awesome game, and you can get the free and paid version in the Market.

Baseball Superstars 2011

If you want a great Baseball game, with tons of features then Baseball Superstars 2011 is the game for you. There are 6 different gameplay modes, lots of power-ups and even Homerun Derby. The graphics are a little cartoony, but look great. The game has a lot of depth, and will keep you busy throughout the season. It comes in a paid and free version as well. If you want the lowdown on all the cool features be sure to check out our full review.

MLB.com At Bat 11

This app lets you do a little bit of everything. Some of the cooler features are the in-progress video highlights and the radio broadcasts. It also has a video library archive, gameday pitch-by-pitch tracker, and the ability to customize your home screens. At 14.99, the paid version may seem a little pricey. When you  stop and consider all that it lets you do, it seems well worth it. They also have a watered down free version available.

ESPN iScore Baseball

The iScore baseball app is the easiest way to score a baseball or softball game. It lets you score youth, high school, college and pro games. You can manage teams, lineups and rosters and do a little bit of everything with it. A couple of the features that stood out to me were the “Batting Spray Chart,” which lets you track all the hit locations and the Twittercast was very cool. The built-in twitter function will let you keep people updated as the game progresses from anywhere in the world. It’s great for when family members or friends can’t make it to a game. It’s 9.99 in the Market, but if you want to keep score this is the best app to use.

Fantasy Guru 2011

This app lets you track all of your Yahoo fantasy baseball teams. You can edit your rosters, propose trades and more.  Yahoo’s dropped the ball by not having their own app out, so Fantasy Guru 2011 is a must have for Yahoo fantasy managers. It’s currently in beta, so you may find a few bugs. I have it installed, and it works great on my Captivate.

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