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Top 5 Android Bowling Games

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A great Android app or game will try to make the most out of your phone, and bowling games are a perfect fit for Android devices. There are plenty to choose from, but not all Android bowling games are created equal. After scouring the market, we came up with 5 we think are the best of the bunch. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Bowling games for Android…

1. Let’s Bowl

Let’s Bowl is an impressive bowling game from Sidebump Studios that has great physics and fast gameplay. The gameplay is quick and painless, which is good as the one thing everyone hates about bowling is waiting to roll again. The graphics are also top-notch, as they went with a realistic approach instead of cartoonish one. The light version of Let’s Bowl gives you one lane, and a couple of balls to unlock, while the paid version gives you two extra lanes and 4 more balls. Both versions of this great game are available for download in the Android market.

2. Doodle Bowling

If you like bowling games that have a lot of cool themes, Doodle Bowling is the game for you. You’ll get tokens for completing a game, and you can use the tokens to unlock some sick looking lanes. There are 14 themes to unlock including chalk, underwater, space, neon, and my personal favorite the fire lane. You can grab Doodle Bowling for free in the Android market.

3. Downhill Bowling 2

Tired of the same old bowling games? Well, Downhill Bowling 2 is bowling with a twist, as you’ll roll through the levels collecting coins and gems. You’ll still get to bowl 10 frames as the pins will be setup randomly throughout the levels. You can use the coins to buy new balls, and there are around 24 different ones to choose from. Downhill bowling 2 has three gorgeous levels to roll through, and best of all it’s free!

4. 3D Bowling

3d bowling is a slick looking bowling game from Italy Games that gives you 5 different lanes, and a whopping 25 different balls. The lanes are themed as well as the balls, and it’s by far the fastest bowling game out there. I was able to bowl a full 10 frames in under a minute, but they physics aren’t quite as good as some of the others on our list. 3D bowling has leaderboards, and stat-tracking as well. It’s a good looking game and you can grab the ad-supported full version for free.

5. Magic Bowling

Magic Bowling is a cross between a bowling game, and an Rpg game. Net mobile AG took your regular old bowling game, added a storyline to it… and out came Magic Bowling. You’ll be able to free bowl or challenge several different opponents in Story mode. The physics aren’t quite as good as some of the other games, but the storyline and different levels are what makes this game stand out from the rest. There are six unlockable players to roll with in free play, and several different themed levels to go through in story mode. There are free and paid versions of Magic Bowling available to download from the Android market.