Board games come in many shapes and sizes, and while there aren’t tons of “classic” board games on Android, there are some very good ones. After scouring the market and arguing amongst ourselves as to what constitutes a “true” board game, we managed to come up with 5 we think are great and certainly fit the bill. Without further ado, Android-Apps proudly presents you with our Top 5 Board Games for Android…

1. Scrabble

This classic board game is beloved by Brainiacs and blue-hairs the world over, you can now play this great game on your Android device. This is the official version of the game, and it has cross-platform play which means you can even play with your friends who still have an iPhone. You can also play up to 50 games at once, so you’ll never get bored waiting for your opponent to make a turn. EA did a great job with Scrabble; it’s great fun & it’s totally free!

2. Battle Chinese Checkers

Chinese checkers has literally been around for ages, and it’s a simple (and addicting) game to play. There are quite a few variants of the game on the market, but Battle Chinese Checkers is our favorite. You simply need to move all of your marbles into the point of the star across from your home point by hopping over other marbles, and do it before your opponent does. This version supports up to 6 different AI players, and has 4 levels of difficulty. Battle Chinese Checkers is fun, free, and a game you should definitely check out.

3. Monopoly

When I think of board games the first one that always pops up is Monopoly. It’s been around since 1934, and is still as fun today as it was when it first came out. It’s also one of those games that is a “must” for Android and EA’s version looks great. Can’t really say much else about it as EA’s market says it’s not available to AT & T users, so I haven’t been able to play it. You can’t find it in the market, but you can get it from EA’s mobile site for $2.99.

4. The Game of Life

I hated to include 3 titles from EA in the list, but they seem to have formed a Monopoly (couldn’t resist) on the board game genre. Either way, The Game of Life is a classic and definitely deserves to make the list. I actually got to play this one on a friend’s phone a few days ago and it was a blast. You can do “pass and play” with your friends, and the animated tokens were pretty cool to watch. It’s a great classic board game, and a great fit for Android. You can get The Game of Life for 2.99 from EA’s mobile store.

5. Peg Board

A lot of folks may not be familiar with the ol’ Peg game, and it’s not your typical board game although it is played on a piece of wooden board. Chances are if you’ve ever eaten at the Cracker Barrel you’ve played the Peg Board game. This version is just like the original, where you’ll jump pegs over each other while trying to get it down to 1 peg standing. It’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me… I’ve spend countless hours playing the real version and this one is just as frustrating. Great little game, and you can check out the free version or the paid version in the market.

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