I’ve always been rather fond of “Doodle” style games, and there are plenty of them to choose from for Android. You’ve got doodle racing, doodle sports, and just your regular ol’ doodle drawing. After doing a bit of doodling over the weekend, I thought it would be nice to have a Top 5 Doodle games list. These games may look like they’re drawn by kids, but the gameplay is top notch. Without further Ado… we present you with the Top 5 Doodle Games for Android…

1. Doodle Bowling

Doodle Bowling is a fun, but very simple bowling game for your Android device.  It’s also one of the fastest bowling games you’ll ever play. Just drag your ball with your finger, and fling it down the lane to send pins flying. What makes this game stand apart from the rest besides the speed of play? It’s the graphics. The Doodle graphics work really well for bowling, and they did a great job of using them in this game. There are 14 full themed levels to unlock, and they all look great! You can pick up doodle bowling for free in the Android Market.

2. Doodle Fit

Doodle Fit is a fun puzzle game from Gamelion Studios. Your job in Doodle Fit is to fit the blocks you’re given into a particular shape. You’ll have to drag the blocks around inside and outside to find the perfect pattern to cover that shape. It wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but the Doodle graphics made this one a winner for me. It also has a very high replay factor with over 100 levels; most of those levels have multiple solutions as well, which adds even more depth to the game. There are free and paid versions of Doodle Fit available in the Market.

3. Doodle Frog

Think Frogger in done in Doodle style, and you’ll know exactly what to expect with Doodle Frog. You’ll have to guide your lil’ frog across busy roads as well as crowded rivers, hoping against hope that he won’t get squished. Well, he’s probably going to get squished a few times until you get the hang of it. The graphics are cute, and they have a top scorers list so you can try to hop your way to the top. There is a free version with 10 levels, while the paid version of Doodle Frog will get you 30!

4. What the Doodle?

The game “What the Doodle?” has been popular for quite some time now. Well, it was until the recent update that killed a lot of the fun for some of us. Either way it deserves a spot on the list, as it’s still a great game. It’s pretty much like playing Pictionary on your phone, you draw a picture and others will have to guess what it is. It seems to have died a bit in popularity since the update, but is still a solid game.

5. Doodle Pool

Keeping in the spirit of all things Doodle, our last entry is called Doodle Pool. Doodle pool was made by Big Head Games and published by My Interactive who’ve already got a few good snooker in the market. The graphics may be “Doodly” in this game, but the gameplay is top notch. It has a time attack mode along with US 8-ball & 9-ball rules, and UK 8-ball rules. You can play with a friend, and they have the ever popular Openfeint Achievement system in place. You can pick up the paid version of Doodle Pool for $1.61 in the Android Market.

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