Top 5 New Platform Games for Android

Platform games have been around forever, and the genre is a personal favorite of mine. There are scores of new platform games released every month, but some are better than others. With that in mind we came up with a list of 5 new platform games you should be playing…

1. Gunman Clive

 There aren’t many western themed android games out there, but Gunman Clive is a great new one from Bertil Hörberg. You get to jump & shoot your way through 16 unique levels, and take on various bosses along the way. The game has a very cool sketched look to it which fits it perfectly and sets it apart from any other platformer I’ve played. It’s really one of those games you’ll just have to play to believe. There isn’t a free version available, but the full version is well worth the $1.99 price tag.

2. Bean’s quest

Like platformers with a Mario like feel? If so, you’ll definitely dig Bean’s Quest by Kumobius. Bean’s Quest lets you play a jumping bean named Emilio who’s on a quest to save his girl. You’ll have to jump your way through 50 levels spread across 5 fun worlds; it’s really a great looking game that everyone needs to check out. You can pick up Kumobius’s Bean’s Quest for $2.99 on Google Play.

3. Gears of Fur

I’ve known about this one since it’s released and am a little ashamed that this is the first time I’ve really covered it. Cheezia: Gears of Fur is a quirky little platformer involving a mouse and a gear. You’ll use that gear like a hamster wheel to travel through tricky levels as you jump, dash and climb your way to victory. You can check out the first 6 levels of Cheezia: Gears of War for free on Google Play.

4. Mos Speedrun

If you like your platformers with a bit of an 8-bit flavor you’ll definitely dig Mos Speedrun from Physmo. Mos Speedrun puts your reflexes to the test as you take on 25 retro stages and dozens of pixel monsters. It’s by far the most retro game on our list and it’s also the trickiest. You can checkout Mos Speedrun for free on Google Play.

5. Jazz: Trump’s Journey

Jazz: Trump’s Journey is another cool platformer with unique visuals, and the storyline is pretty unique as well. You take on the role of a young saxophone player who’s out to try and make it big. The graphics are great, the game play is top-notch, and it truly has a style all its own. You can check out Bulkypix’s Jazz: Trump’s Journey on Google Play for free.

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