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Top 5 Reference Apps for Android

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These days, you can answer almost any question by just doing a simple search on the internet. Android apps are no different, and there are a lot of apps in the market dealing with reference material. We put together a list of 5 reference apps that cover a wide range of topics. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 reference apps for Android….


The popular site has an Android app and it’s great. Besides giving you over 300,000 words & their definitions, it has synonyms, antonyms, and word origin & history. It also has audio and phonetic pronunciation, which would be great for people trying to learn the English language. The voice-to-text search is a nice touch as well. Overall, it’s a handy application with tons of features. You can get the app in the market for free.

2. Wolfram Alpha

Have you ever wanted to know who the president of Argentina is? How about a certain stars position in the nighty sky? You can find out all those answers in a slick app called Wolfram Alpha. It can give you quick answers to calculations, measurements, and answer questions about almost anything. The program draws on a large database of knowledge from experts, to give the answers that you need. I’ve used it several times for various questions, and “most” of the time it does have the answers. You can get Wolfram Alpha in the Android Market for 1.99.

3. Kelly Blue Book

Over the years the Kelly Blue Book has been the #1 source for pricing vehicles. The book allows you to check the price on practically any new or used vehicle. There are several filters to use for getting the correct price such as mileage, drivetrain, engine, options, and more. Want to know where the local Jaguar dealership is? Kelly Blue Book has a great dealer locator feature using your GPS that will take you straight to the dealerships doorstep. If you buy & sell cars, this free app is a must have.

4. ElectroDroid

ElectroDroid from developer Demetrio Iero, is an awesome app full of reference material on electronics. It has calculators for Ohm’s law, reactance, capacitor charge, led resistor, batter life, voltage drop & many more. It also has color code decoders for resistors and inductors. You can get ElectroDroid for free, or an ad free “donate” version for 2.93, which has even more cool features like an inductor design tool.


5. iTriage Mobile Health

iTriage is a triple threat as a symptom checker, medical reference tool, and doctor finder. It has a large database of symptoms and diseases, as well as a database of over 700,000 doctors. iTriage will help you find the doctors or emergency rooms by using it’s database along with your GPS. You can also save doctors to your contact list for easy access at any time. It can really be helpful if you have some aches and pains to give you an idea of what might be going on, before you see the real doctor. You can get this handy program for free in the Android Market.