Top 5 Tower Defense Games for Android

Tower Defense games have always been popular, and the Android Market has plenty of them to choose from. We scoured the Market to bring you 5 of the best.

1. Armored Defense Lite

This is a full featured Tower Defense game put out by Armoredsoft. There’s a lot of depth in this game with two different difficulty levels, three military careers, and three different scenarios. You can upgrade your tanks with stealth, speed boosts, and self-repair. The maps are also big and detailed, featuring 3 levels of zoom. The game is available in a Lite version, along with a paid version for $3.97.

2. Grave Defense Silver

Next up we have the popular Grave Defense series of games. There are three different versions to choose from with the Silver, Gold & St. Patrick’s Day editions. The Silver (free) edition will keep you busy for a while, but the gold (paid) version will give you 4 times the levels, along with more mutants & towers. The St. Patrick’s Day version is also free and offers five different maps, including Christmas & Halloween themed boards. All three versions are great, and definitely worth checking out.

3. Robo Defense Free

Robo Defense is a popular Tower Defense game that features open maps, achievements, and some pretty cool graphics. The free version of the game lets you try out 1 map with 11 difficulty levels. The full version will cost you 2.99 and gives you 5 maps, along with unlimited upgrades, and difficulty levels. It’s one of the highest rated Tower Defense games on the Market, and definitely worth a look.

4. Guns ‘n’ Glory Free

HandyGames went Western with this fresh take on the Tower Defense genre. You pick your defensive units, and lie in wait to attack the unsuspecting settlers as they try to make their way through the canyon. There are several different units to choose from along with 20 levels and several bosses. The graphics are great, and it’s a very fun game to play. As with most games on the list, there are free and paid versions available.

5. Retro Defense Lite

Larva Labs has put out a Tower Defense game with a truly unique Retro theme. Think Tron coupled with a tower defense game and you get the picture. There are free and paid versions, but the free version only offers one level to try. The full version has 20+ levels, ten tower types, ten upgrades, and three bonus towers. If retro-gaming is your thing, you’ll want to check this one out.

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