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Top 5 Weird Android Apps

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There are many different kinds of Android Apps available from the Market. They haven’t added a category entitled “weird or strange” yet, but they should. I constantly run across kooky games & apps in the market, and sometimes I find some great ones. Being a little different isn’t a bad thing either, all of these apps have brought me countless hours of fun.  Here is a list of my Top 5 weird Android apps…

Jello Bounce

Jello Bounce is one of those nutty apps that most people will get a kick out of. What does it do? Well, it has a bobble-headed version of Bill Cosby standing on top of Jello. Honestly, that alone sounds like a win to me, but there’s more! When you shake your phone, Bill bounces around and says some of those great Bill Cosby one-liners. This is one of those apps that you really need to see for yourself. In the free version, there is just one awesome Bill Cosby, but with the “donate” version Jello Bounce you’ll get to change the body & background.

Comb Over Charlie

The name say’s it all.  Comb Over Charlie is a quirky little shooter involving a fish… with a comb over.  Yup, you heard it right. Ol’ Charlie is out for revenge on those who made fun of his hair in this fun little gem of an Android game.  It’s only a short trial version, but its great fun. I can’t wait until the Developer Charlie Schulze get’s the full version up and running!

Banana Dress Up Lite

This one is one of the oddest apps I’ve stumbled across yet. If your tired of just eating your banana’s, Banana Dress Up will let you dress them up. Yes, you will FINALLY be able to dress up a banana. As stupid as I initially thought this was; it seems to have some sort of Svengali like power that sucks you in. I actually ended up playing this for about 30 minutes straight while just checking it out for this review lol. The sounds cracked me up, and the monkey with the lever was a nice touch as well. Never trust a monkey with a lever, or a banana that wears clothes for that matter. There is a paid version that gives you more clothing, and no ads.

Akinator Lite

This is one Android App that will truly amaze you and your friends. It will “read your mind” and I’m not sure exactly how it does it, but it rarely ever misses. Akinator plays its own version of the popular “20 questions” game. You think of a person, and Akinator will try and guess it with 20 questions you’ll have to answer yes or no.  Honestly, he gets it almost every time. This first time I ran it, I managed to stump him but had to dig deep into the memory banks for actor Vic Tayback. He didn’t get him then, but about a month later Akinator guessed him. There is a lite version that will let you have 5 guesses a day, or an unlimited paid version for $2.36.

Ancient Frog

Ancient Frog puts you in charge of guiding frogs through some really slick looking natural environments. You have to move them one leg at a time across the game board until they reach their dinner… a tasty fly. There’s no timer, or really anything else; you just need to reach the fly to advance. It sounds simple, but is surprisingly frustrating. The graphics really are great as well, if your wanting something different this is worth a look. There isn’t a free version available of Ancient Frog at the moment, but you can pick up the paid version for $2.41 in the Market.