Brains….. that’s what every Zombie wants, but what do you want out of a good Zombie game? Killing of course, you’re gonna want a game that lets you destroy those evil zombie hordes by any means necessary. Lucky for us there are quite a few Zombie games out for Android. I’ve definitely played some stinkers, but lately there have been some great ones come out. Here are the Top 5 Zombie Games for your Android device…

1. Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies is a fun Zombie shooter, and it’s one that can wear your fingers out in a good way. You will kill A LOT of zombies in this game, and you can easily be overwhelmed by them if you’re not careful. There are lots of weapons to use, and around 20 different levels to use them on. Age of Zombies is a straight-up Zombie killing game; if you need more info you can check out our full review here. You can get this great game in the Market for $3.17 in the market.

2. GRave Defense (Series)

Tower Defense done up Zombie style is what you’ll get with the killer GRave Defense series of games. The games all have lots of levels, upgrades, and most importantly…  tons of zombies. There are 4 different versions of GRave Defense: Gold, Silver, Holiday, and HD. The holiday and silver versions are free, while the Gold & HD versions are not. Each version is a bit different from the rest, but there is definitely something there for everyone. The games are also some of the most challenging out there, so the replay factor is very high in GRave Defense. A great series of games from ArtofBytes, and they are all available to download in the Android Market.

3. Draw Slasher

Draw Slasher from Gamelion Studios combines three things that I love… Zombies, Ninja’s, and Monkeys!! Yes, you play a ninja, and will have to slash your way through Pirate Monkey Zombies. Haven’t gotten to play this yet, but the market description says you can cut off heads, legs, and hands ensuring that those pesky old zombies won’t come back. It looks like a very bloody, hack n’ slash game, and the premise alone is enough to make me have to check it out a bit more. You can get Draw Slasher in the market for around .72 cents.

4. Plants vs. Zombies

By now everyone’s heard of Plants vs Zombies, and there’s a good reason for that… it’s a whole lotta fun! If you don’t know what PvZ is here’s the lowdown. You’re put in charge of defending your home against the unrelenting hoards of zombies, by using plants. These are no ordinary plants though, these plants shoot peas, eat headstones, and blow themselves up. Simply set up your defenses in rows, and hope they can withstand the waves of zombies until the next level arrives. If you need more info, you can check out our full review; you can get Plants vs. Zombies for $2.99 in the Amazon Market.

5. Aftermath XHD

In Aftermath you’re alone in a city that’s been overrun by Zombies, and you’ve got to survive the night while fighting your way through the zombie hordes. You get to use a flashlight, guns, and grenades; Aftermath has more of a Resident Evil vibe than anything as the game is very atmospheric. There are several different modes of play, and the graphics are 5 android exclusive levels that aren’t included in the iOS version. You can grab Aftermath XHD in the market for $6.47.

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