Top Brain Scientist Says Social Media is Making Children Regress to Mentality of 3 Year Olds

According to a senior research fellow at Oxford University, Baroness Susan Greenfield respectively, video games and social media are contributing to a generation of children with the emotional and mental immaturity of 3 year olds. Mind you, Baroness Susan Greenfield is one of Britain’s most respected brain scientists and her warning concerns children who, in her analysis, are losing the ability of critical thought, communicate and empathize with each other.

Baroness Susan Greenfield is the former chief of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and she explained to The Telegraph what others before had said, i.e. that people, and especially children, getting instant gratification via gaming and social media, means that they would require   “something every moment to distract them so they can’t have their own inner narrative, their own inner thought”, aka stimming, to vent neurotic energy, which is a characteristic, both mental and emotional, of a 3 year old child.

And it’s not just children. If you were paying attention on what’s going on around you every day, you’ve probably noticed adults freaking out if they cant find their smartphones, as they literally cannot get in their car and go somewhere without it. Or, daughters fighting with their moms for “phone time”, that if they don’t have one of their own yet.





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