As the holidays are right around the corner, we thought it a good time to do a gift list for Android fans. If you’re looking for a list that’s full of phones and tablets look elsewhere; this list is full of Android merchandise for Android fans. We also threw in an “Honorable Mention” for an item that’s out of stock, but way too cool to leave off the list.

1. Brick Robot Companion Android building kit

Like Legos? Me too, so I did a double take when I saw everyone’s favorite mascot made out of legos. Thanks to AbbieDabbles on ETSY (great site) you can building your own blocky companion without searching through countless piles of legos for the next 3 weeks. Each of these kits lets you build your own Andy with arms, antennae and a spinning head. They also come with a full color instruction book for those of us who are “lego challenged.” You can grab the Brick Robot Companion for Android kit from AbbieDabbles for $30.00

2.  Android Mini Special Edition – Calaveroid

The folks over at Dead Zebra have been putting out some awesome Android items for awhile now, and Calaveroid is definitely one of my favorites so far. This special edition Vinyl Droid celebrates the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and was designed by artists the Beast Brothers. I actually have this one on my Christmas list, and they’re not sold out yet. You can get Calaveroid directly from DeadZebra for $10.00.

3.Unstoppable Android T-Shirt

This Ghostbusters inspired Tee shows us what happens when good old Andy takes the shape of Mr. Staypuff and terrorizes the city. Nice design and it’s the ultimate gift for an Android fan that digs the Ghostbusters! You can grab the shirt $18.95 at the link above.

4. Android Mini-Figures Series 2

These little guys have been out for awhile now, and are starting to become very popular. These little guys stand only 3″ high and come “blind-boxed” which means you don’t know which character you’re getting until you open up the package. There are 14 figures in the set with 11 regulars, 2 rare variants, and 1 secret design. They can be bought individually or by the case, and series one is sold out. This series (series 2) is still in stock so head on over to DeadZebra and grab a few while you still can.

5. Android Wall Clock Robo

This is one gift that any fan would like as it shows our favorite mascot and let’s you keep track of time while your playing Angry Birds. The Android Wall Clock Robo from Walldecoration looks great, and is definitely a unique one of a kind item… as there is only one for sale! Not sure if the artist is making more, but you can get this handmade clock for $30.00 over on Etsy.

Honorable Mention…

Android Hexcode Rug

To say this Android Hexcode Rug is awesome would be an understatement. It’s 33″ of Green goodness that would look great on anyone floor although I might feel a little bad wiping my feet on it. This rug would’ve been ranked higher as it’s one of the coolest Android related items we’ve seen; unfortunately we weren’t the only ones to think that and it’s currently out of stock. If you’re interested in the rug keep checking the site or send the folks at Deadzebra an email and tell em’ to get busy!

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