total recoil for androidThumbstar Games has quickly become a fan favorite with popular recent releases like Talisman Prologue and Anthill. Total Recoil is their latest game, and it’s a dual-stick shooter that lets you shoot and destroy almost anything in your path. Ready to blow up some bad guys and beat down big bosses? Screenshot_2013-05-24-14-01-16Total Recoil takes places in a world consumed by war after a global fuel crisis puts the world’s oil reserves into the hands of a few greedy corporations. Globoco is the vilest of the bunch, and they’ve amassed an army to protect their supply. Your job is to free the precious oil, and take down Mr. Big and his henchmen. You’ll control a highly trained soldier via dual-joysticks, and almost everything you see can be shot and destroyed. This includes explosive drums, crates, hundreds of enemy soldiers, and bosses. There are several upgradable weapons in your arsenal, and kill streaks allow you to wreak havoc with artillery strikes and bombers.  Saying Total Recoil is an action packed game would be a bit of an understatement… Screenshot_2013-05-23-22-49-18Shooters are hit and miss with mobile devices as clunky controls or excessive IAP’s can ruin a great game. Total Recoil isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely one of the better free dual-stick shooters we’ve seen. The controls could stand to be tweaked a bit, but it’s a blast to play, and it’s totally free.

Total Recoil

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