Android Powered Monitor on the Horizon?

android powered monitorSince the sales of regular computer monitors are in steep decline, the industry is looking forward to an Android Powered Monitor: a 21 inches wide touchscreen computer display equipped with an ARM CPU and running on Android. Yes, we may start seeing Android powered monitors. The giants in the industry are contemplating this radical measure, according to some Taiwanese analysts from WitsView. The only downside of this revolutionary change in paradigm could be the price tag of such a device, are you ready to pay twice as much for a computer display, even if it has a touchscreen?  Apparently, Microsoft had foreseen this trend, since Windows 8 is highly optimized for touchscreen devices, it may be that kind of situation in which hardware is following software, at least that’s what it looks like to powered monitorGetting back to business, the monitor manufacturers are contemplating the solution of an Android powered monitor in order to boost their declining sales. The slump in the business is due to the increase in the  preference of the clients for tablets and smartphones, all of them featuring touchscreens. So, why not ride with the tide? At least, that’s the concept. The Taiwanese analysts described the user experience on an Android powered computer monitor to be similar to that on a tablet, for example. And also, a touchscreen Android powered monitor would also compete with the all-in-one Personal Computers, having a significantly lower price tag and all the functionality. If this  Android powered monitor could also run on batteries, it would become even more interesting to own and it could make desktop computers obsolete.

Acer presented an Android powered monitor at the MWC and they promised they will begin shipping of the product starting from March in Europe, we are in May and nothing happened yet, but this video. You can take a look at this smart display which is basically an Android powered monitor from Viewsonic running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, already available for buying on Amazon. Source: The Register

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