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Tower Defense with a Celebrity Twist in AMA’s Stars vs. Paparazzi

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stars vs paparazzi ama You never quite know what to expect with the folks at AMA, and their newest Android game Stars vs. Paparazzi is a prime example of that. It’s a tower defense game of sorts that takes on the age old question of who will win the war between the Stars and Paparazzi…stars vs paparazzi ama android Stars vs. Paparazzi lets you take those evil photogs to task as you play Lady Laguna a celebrity that uses fans as her weapon.  You’ll use your fame to gather fans who’ll use weapons and punches to take down any paparazzi headed your way. The game is laid out in an interesting way as you setup a defensive line similar to what you do in Plants vs. Zombies compared to how other TD games are laid out. It’s different, but it’s quite a bit of fun and the zany characters will certainly grab your attention. Stars vs. Paparazzi offers up 64 levels, 12 different types of fans, and 7 unlockable celebrities. You’ll also have several cool weapons at your disposal including flamethrowers, slingshots, and bear traps just to name a few. I always have a good time with AMA’s games, but Stars vs. Paparazzi wasn’t quite what I was expecting to be honest. That being said, it’s been a blast to play thus far and I look forward to getting deeper into the game over the next couple of days. If you’re looking for something new to play Stars vs. Paparazzi is well worth a look and you can pick it up for free on Google Play. AMA Studios