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Tower Defense with a Twist in A Knights Dawn for Android

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A Knights Dawn is a new tower defense game from VisionaryX that puts a fun new twist on the classic Tower Defense game. Instead of simply placing towers and upgrading them, you’ll have to take into account the layout of the land and the strength of your units as well as the viciousness of your attackers. After only spending an hour or so with the game, I can already tell you it’s going to be a very popular game… The first level of A Knights Dawn explains the gameplay, and drops you straight into the action. I made the mistake of randomly playing units like I would in a “normal” tower defense game, and quickly found out I made a mistake as I was overrun and defeated. Strategy and the layout of the land is key in A Knights Dawn; if you have musket-men you’ll want to place them on the high ground while putting your swordsmen on the front lines. You also need to grab the VP & XP coins as soon as they appear which means the game can get pretty busy as you’ll quickly find out.  Placing units at guardposts and upgrading is all done easily through the Ringmenu; all your units can be upgraded 5 times and can also attain a special attack through the blacksmith. There’s really a lot to this game, and I’ve only scratched the surface so expect a full review in the very near future. Just when I thought the Tower Defense genre was getting a little old, a game like A Knights Dawn comes a long and breathes life into the genre. The graphics are well done, it has a great storyline and best of all it’s a lot of fun. There are more than enough upgrades, levels, and achievements to keep the hardcore gamers happy, but people new to the genre can enjoy the straight-forward gameplay as well. If you enjoy Tower Defense or Strategy games you should definitely check it out. You can grab A Knights Dawn in the Android Market for free. A Knights Dawn