One thing in life is for certain, and that fact is that Time never stops. There’s never enough time in the day, and a lot of us (myself included) have poor time management skills. A new Android app called MrTickTock popped into the market over the weekend and it’s one and only goal is to help you become Master of your time… The app has a boatload of features and can manually or automatically track your time usage. You can create, filter and delete tasks, and even store data online if you’ve got an active internet connection. There’s an In/Out function that lets you start and stop work with the touch of a button while manual reporting lets you enter the amount of time you’ve worked and send in a report about it. The automatic tracking is pretty cool as you can set it to automatically kick on when you’re in the office and WiFi is in range. You do have to have an online account to use the app, but it’s free to setup and gives you a lot more time tracking options.


MrTickTock is a great name for an Android App, and the service seems pretty cool as well. The layout is nice and if you’re bad with time management it’s an app you might want to give a go. It does require that you open a free account on its main website before you can use it, so keep that in mind when downloading. You can pick up the MrTickTock app for free in the Android market.     MrTickTock.com

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