Train your Brain with Brain Lab from Sixdead Entertainment

If you want a quick way to test your brainpower Brain games are a great way to do that, and Brain Lab from SixDead Entertainment is a good example of such a game. It won’t make you a genius, but it will put your brain to the test with its memory and logic puzzles.

Gameplay & Features

When you first fire up Brain Lab you’re given the option to start a lab or do a little training. The Labs consist of two sets of tests, each of which will test your memory, logic, calculation and visual skills. There are 4 tests per lab; each test is timed with your total score given at the end of the test. The puzzles in the labs vary between matching games, flashing light bulbs, simple calculation, and visual cubes. The games are different in both labs so you’re getting 8 different tests in all. Training basically lets you go back and play those tests individually to see if you can best your own scores. Brain Lab is light in the features department, but does have local and online leaderboards via Scoreloop.


Brain Lab is a good brain game, but I would hesitate to call it great. The puzzles all look good and are fun to play, but there are really not enough of them so the game is rather short. I also found the puzzles pretty easy as I was able to make it into the Top 10% on my first try, and was able to get perfect scores on most of the tests. It is a good game; it just doesn’t have much depth although that could be easily remedied with a few extra labs or tests. If you want to give it a run you can pick up SixDead Entertainments Brain Lab on Google Play for free.  

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