Train your Memory with Memorize from Mobivention


Memorize is a new brain training Android App that can help train your brain with its fun & simple games by finding matching pairs of animals on cards. It’s a simple concept and one that’s been done countless times so the real question is does anything set this app apart from the pack… The concept behind Memorize is simple, you touch a card two cards to turn them over and see what animal lies on the other side. After you pick your second card you can select another one from the playing board, but the first two are turned back over leaving you to “memorize” their last location and what’s on them. The game lets you play three ways; by yourself, against a cpu opponent or you can pass and play with a friend. Your score is compiled depending on how many pairs you make and how many turns you take. You can also check your scores against the best with Openfeint as well as the games local high score table. It’s all very basic and if you can work a phone, you’ll be able to work the game.


Card matching games like Memorize are a perfect fit for touchscreen devices, but unfortunately Memorize is nothing special. There are several different sizes of playing boards and the animals are cute, but that’s about the only thing it’s really got going on. The sound effects are nothing special (no animal noises) and there are other memory/match games that offer up a lot more. If you still think you might want to give Memorize a try, there’s a free ad-supported version or you can get the “gold” version for $1.99.

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