Trump Blasts Social Media: Won’t Allow Censorship!

In a typical Twitter storm on Saturday, President Trump blasted social media censorship which, let me quote, is actively discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices.

This is the real problem with censorship: who decides? Who watches the watchers? These tweets arrive in the aftermath of right wing radio host Alex Jones being deplatformed by both Twitter and Facebook (among others), and following the news that Prager U’s videos were blocked by Facebook. Incidentally, Prager U is also a right-wing leaning conservative organization. However, Facebook restored Prager U videos on its platform and apologized , admitting they were deleted by mistake.

Speaking of Trump’s attempt to bring awareness on social media’s censorship of conservatives, Republican congressmen like Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan (just to name a few) have also been shadowbanned and censored. Shadowbannning should be illegal outright, as its only purpose is to hide content, without the person providing the respective content being aware that info is not being seen their followers.

The socials seem to want to go back to the monopoly that existed when there were only 3 news sources: ABC,NBC and CBS.  Moreover and very interesting, both Apple and Google are moving business to communist China. This makes all intellectual property in the west vulnerable to espionage.  And speaking of paranoia, Alex Jones has been warning of this danger in the week previous to his deplatforming (YouTube is owned by Google by the way). An Alex Jones fan may argue that Apple and Google are putting themselves outside the reach of US law for purely mercenary purposes.

As a fun factoid (goes to motive),more than 90 percent of Trump’s presidency coverage by the legacy media has been negative. That’s why alternative media must go before the midterms/the 2020 election. Also, after Mark Zuckerberg changed “the rules of engagement” so to speak, President Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts dropped 45%.

However, these are just a few names of the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, being censored by big tech, and most of them don’t even know it’s happening. Go to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, then type in censoring. That fully explains how they are doing it and how they have been undetected for so long.

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