Turn Chores into an Adventure with the HabitRPG App for Android

habit.rpgI normally stick to covering Android games, but occasionally an Android App comes out that makes me say hmmmm. Today that app habit.rpg-android-2is called Habit RPG, and it’s an app that treats every day of your life like an RPG experience. Ready to level up?

The HabitRPG app is basically a “to-do list” in the form of an RPG adventure where you can turn mundane tasks into a full-fledged adventure. Well, not really, but it will motivate you to get things done with its unique setup. The HabitRPG app works off of habits, and tasks. You can receive experience points for completing either, but if you fail… you’ll have to pay the piper.

If you fail to complete a habit you’ll lose health, just like you would if an Orc smashed you with his battle axe. You can regain health by leveling up and completing tasks though, so your journey doesn’t have to end due to laziness. If you do turn into a couch potato you’ll die, but not in the literal sense as you’ll only lose a level along with a piece of equipment.habitRPGWhile the HabitRPG app is a full of cool features, it’s actually a companion app for the HabitRPG site which means you’ll need an account to get started. Setting up an account is free as is the app, although you can kill the ads and unlock tag management with the premium version via an in-app purchase. The HabitRPG app doesn’t have all the bells & whistles of the site, but it is a great way to keep up with your HabitRPG account while you’re on the go. If you want to give it a shot, you can pick up the HabitRPG app for free on Google Play.


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