What happens when you cross a Polaroid with a Troll? You get Trollaroid! Trollaroid is a funky Android App from Work of Trolls that lets you take pictures of people and turn them into trolls. This is all done through fancy programming rather than the use of Arcane magic or other nefarious means which is great for everyone involved. Trollaroid is simple to use, you just need to make sure you’re connected to the internet then choose a picture or take a new one from your phone. Once you’ve selected the picture, Trollaroid will automatically detect and warp the faces for you. It can work on multiple faces as well you’re looking to Trollize an entire group, but will process slower when it has to deal with multiple mugs. It’s a very straightforward app, and the only extra is the ability to share your Trollaroid photo via the usual mobile methods.


If you enjoy photo apps that let you warp and alter faces Trollaroid is an Android App you’ll definitely get a kick out of. It’s very simple to use and processes things quickly so you can see and share your Trollish in a flash. In the future the developers are planning on adding new faces like fat face, me gusta, and forever alone along with an offline mode and resolution adjustment. Trollaroid is a fun app to play with and you can find the free and paid versions of the app in the market.

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