Twitter Admits: ‘We Lean Left’

Here’s Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitting to CNN host Brian Stelter that Twitter’s employees are largely leaning left (I wonder why), yet they somehow don’t discriminate against any political viewpoint:

The full interview will air on Sunday, and it’s most probably due to the flak Twitter received  over allegations of bias against conservatives and Republicans. I am sure Jack Dorsey’s admission has nothing to do with Trump’s tweet on Saturday morning:


So an admitted leftist is going to implement more of his personal objectives, and people think that means he won’t continue with the quashing of anything but the liberal mantra?

When’s the last time that’s happened?  He flat out lied how many times previously about shadow banning? Basically all he said was that he will continue to do exactly what he has always done. People were just shocked to hear him tell the truth about shadow banning, and think he is going to tell the truth about anything else in the future.

I think it’s getting missed that Jack doing the media rounds (including appearing on Hannity) is a sign that these tech companies are being hurt by their leftist bullshit. You don’t do damage control unless you’re taking damage. The truth is that Jack cannot win with the left.

His company’s errors always seem to affect Conservatives and never Liberals. So Conservatives view Jack as untrustworthy on issues like Banning, ShadowBanning and the like. To the Left, Jack is never going to be Left Enough until he allows Twitter to ban anyone and everyone the Left finds offensive and disagreeable.  You can lose your citizenship so fast on the left… Just by not banning everybody the leftist mob thinks you should ban.

Progressives are out of control, and thanks to a fawning media, they are itching for physical violence with everyone who disagrees with them. Sadly for them, the other side has all the guns, while progressives need help in choosing which bathroom to use.

Fun times are coming.

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