Twitter Android app gets new profile pages, photo stream and other new features

Twitter today has just announced the released of version 3.4 of their Android app. Incidentally, this coincides with the release of a new version of Twitter for iPad which is currently gaining some accolades from its sleek new look. Is it the same as the update on the Android app? Well, almost but not quite enough. New to the Twitter Android app is the ability to upload a large photo that you can use on your Twitter profile page. If you view this on your Android phone, it will remind you of the way the Facebook Timeline looks like. With the large timeline header photo on top. Some say that this profile photo header looks terrible on tablet but so far, it looks neat when I view my Twitter profile using my Galaxy S3. What’s really cool about this feature is that it allows you to upload photo directly from your Android phone. So, you just need to turn on your phone’s camera, switch off to the front-facing camera and take a snap of yourself, then upload it to Twitter. I don’t know, go check out the new feature for yourself and tell us whether it’s cool or not. Other new features included in the update is the photo stream which allows you to browse photos that Twitter users have uploaded. The photo stream interface is pretty slick and the navigation is easy. Just swipe to the left or right to scroll through photos. Tapping on a photo will allow you to view it in fullscreen mode. you can also zoom in on photos via pinch-and-zoom gesture. Additionally, the update also adds search suggestions for people, topics and hastags, improves protected account management and the usual round of fixes. Do you like the new features of the latest Twitter Android app? Tell us by leaving a comment below. Via [Twitter Blog]

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