The folks at has just released version 2.0 of their Twitter Android app. It’s been a much awaited update actually and a lot has already happened to this nice Android app. In fact, according to the Twitter Blog, Twitter Android app has now become one of the top five most used Twitter app including,, Twitter for iPhone and BlackBerry. So what are the new features brought in to Twitter Android app ver. 2.0? First up is the ability to use Twitter for Android even if you haven’t signed in to your account. It now allows you to view trends, browse your interest and see suggested users in several categories. You can now also sign-up to Twitter inside the Android app. Next, the moment you fire up the app after updating to the latest version, you’ll immediately notice that it opens up directly to your Twitter timeline if after logging in to your account. Gone is the main home interface with the feature icons arranged in grid-like fashion. You’ll find the different options instead at the top-most part of your screen. This options include @mentions, messages, and lists. If you tap the @mentions option, you’ll also notice that it now includes Retweets aside from the usual Replies to your tweets. Another important new important is the auto-complete when typing usernames. Type @ and the first few letters of the Twitter names of your users and the app will auto-complete the field. Lastly, the updated Twitter Android app also brings in universal search. This enables you to find Tweets with the terms you are looking for, Tweets sent by people near your location, and people whose user names included that term. Another nice feature of the search option is the facility for finding your Friends on Twitter. You can see this by scrolling down the search page and you’ll be able to scan your address book to find friends who opted to be discoverable ¬†upon creating their Twitter accounts. Overall, Twitter for Android version 2.0 is a great update. It brings the Twitter app for Android at par with the version for iOS and BlackBerry. To get the latest Twitter Android app, simply hit up the update tab on your phone’s Android Market or search for Twitter from the Android Market website.

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