Engadget received an exclusive tip from someone cited as “close to the situation” who is saying the Droid Pro is simply the world edition model of the Droid 2. As of late, Verizon Wireless rumors have included two devices — the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 — with global roaming capabilities, but it seems they are the same device. The name is still pending to change, the but device will feature a GSM/HSPA radio allowing it to be used overseas. In addition, the phone will cost a little more than the standard $199 price tag since it can be used globally. In addition, we have another unconfirmed report indicating the LG enV Touch successor — the LG enV Touch 2 — will feature Android 2.1. Up until now, all LG enV devices have been featurephones, so it will be interested to see how Android 2.1 operates on a device with a touch screen on the outside that opens to reveal an internal screen. One question that I still have is whether the internal screen also be touch as well? It will feature the same physical QWERTY keyboard that makes the enV lineup of devices attractive to many users. Personally, I can’t wait to see the LG enV Touch 2 launch as I am a big fan of the LG enV 3 and would love an Android device with a quick messaging keyboard. It will be interesting to see the leaks and rumors surrounding these two devices that are sure to surface in the next couple of weeks.

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