At least two Verizon stores have dropped the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab from $599 to $499. In addition, $60 free credit is thrown into each purchase for movie rentals in either the Blockbuster App or the Samsung Media Hub. For Verizon Wireless customers who purchased a Galaxy Tab for $599 in the past two weeks, you are able to come back and receive $100 to reflect the new price change. Unfortunately, Verizon’s online store and Samsung’s website are still reporting the $599 Galaxy Tab price, which could be due to a slow day after New Year’s or because these two stores are running special promotions. I like to believe it is a nationwide Verizon discount and we will see the new price reflected in a day or two. If you take a look at the image above, you will see a Galaxy Tab informational display being used in the two stores that represents the latest price cut and relevant information.

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