Zombies are a lot of fun, but seldom are they seen as “cute”… usually you’re just blowing their brains out. Zombro is set to change that as the new Android game from Making Fun Inc lets you play with a Zombie in a whole new way. Zombro is a Zombie puzzler of sorts that puts you in the role of Zombro a little Zombie who’s falling to pieces. Your goal in the game is to help Zombro get from point A to point B and you’ll have to do that by detaching a few body parts. Can fit under that crawlspace? Not a problem for Zombro, he can just detach his legs and send them along first. Need to get into a tiny cave? Well you can send Zombo’s brain through the mazes to collect what you need. Your body parts can only move in certain ways, but you’ll need them all to cross the finish line to advance.  This whole concept is definitely something new and makes Zombro an awesome game. There are around 30 different items you can buy in the store to change lil’ Zombro’s appearance; the game also has around 50 levels which should keep you busy for quite awhile as well.


If you follow our sites it’s no secret I love some Zombie, so I was all over Zombro as soon as I heard it mentioned on G4. Once I actually played the game I was hooked as it’s very unique and a damn fine game overall. You can download Zombro for free and try out the first 15 levels or so, after that it will cost you around 2 bucks to unlock the other two realms. Check back with us around the end of the week for a full review of Zombro (along with video!), until then I highly recommend you head on over to Google Play try Zombro for free.  

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