Unique Ways Brands are Integrating Social Media into their Live Events

Prior to the development of the internet, if a brand or companyso wanted to host a successful live event they had to find methods to “get the word out.” This would usually be done via radio, print ads, televisions and good old fashioned word of mouth. While for the times this method was effective, today it would definitely fall short when trying to broadcast a live event to the masses.

The good news is that while word of mouth is still one of the most effective way to get the news out there, there is also a much easier way to leverage this – social media. However, just posting the event on social media is enough. Learning the best practices to help this “go viral” is crucial. You can find a lot of information about making live events successful local seo services in usa in this article.

What are you doing wrong?

Did you know that more and more marketing dollars are being thrown at efforts to “go viral” and increase marketing success? In fact, most companies have no immediate plans to reduce their marketing spend, but rather increase it in the near future.

If you want to ensure your efforts are going to be successful, be sure to do the following:

Regardless of if you are just getting into the social space, or already understand it well, you can use some of these best practices in order to make the most out of the combination of social media and live events:

  • Deliver Value: Take some time to figure out who your audience is and what they find important – then give this to them. This is needed regardless of the marketing medium you are using, but even more so when utilizing social media.
  • Offer Variety: Be exciting, fresh and new. No one wants to come to your Twitter or Facebook to see the same thing time and time again.
  • Make it Visual: Use more than words to tell a story. Videos, pictures and other visuals can all help to increase engagement – as well as add a little fun.
  • Make it Viable: Keep your efforts short, easy to understand and share. Utilize key topics for content and then customize it for real time Tweets and Posts.
  • Keep it Vibrant: In order to create a community that will encourage engagement, sustained social activity needs to be seen all year long.

It is essential that you never overlook how important it is to measure your results. Using social media marketing for live events is much more than just a conversation. It is also about your metrics. Social media allows the attendees to have their voices heard. Be sure you are monitoring what is being said and make adjustments based on the preferences of the audience.



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