Unleash your inner Rapper with Smule's AutoRap for Android


As I’ve gotten older one thing hasn’t changed… everyone thinks they can Rap, and most people can’t carry a tune in a bucket. AutoRap from Smule can change the game up a bit, and while it won’t make you a superstar rapper you’ll at least sound better and get some good laughs out of it. AutoRap uses Smule’s “Rappification” technology to map the syllables of your speech to a beat each and every time. Whether you want to recite poetry, belt out a Michael Bolton tune or bust out one of Eminem’s old cuts, AutoRap will turn it into a Rap track. AutoRap has a couple of different modes with Talk and Rap mode. Talk mode lets you talk into the mic where your beats are magically turned into a rap song. Rap Mode switches things up a bit by letting you rap along with your favorite songs and you’ll even get lyrics on-screen to help you out. If you lay down the perfect track you can share it with your friends through the usual channels, and you also have the ability to judge other peoples tracks which can put them in the top spot or knock them from the throne. As you might expect, there are free beats and premium beats in AutoRap. The free beat selection is a little shoddy in my opinion while the premium cuts are the good ones.


I got my fill of trying to be a rapper with Songify, and while both apps are very, very similar in nature I will say I prefer AutoRap’s looks and layout over Songify’s. The free beats are good to play around with, and the premium ones are good songs, but don’t expect to hear the original artist singing them. I actually got a good laugh out of listening to the Premium versions sung by other people, but shed a little tear when I heard some jackass scream-sing Sabotage from my beloved Beastie Boys. There’s no doubt this is a fun little app, and it looks like it’s going to be very popular. If you want to give it a run you can pick up Smule’s AutoRap on Google Play for free.

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