The unlocked 32GB version of the HTC ONE is now available for $575. An unlocked phone is a cell phone that is not tied to specific service provider and will allow you to use whatever carrier you want. Unlocked phones are an ideal form of mobile device freedom. With the unlocked HTC ONE you can essentially use a carrier without having to lock into a contract, be untied from service locations, while also having the freedom to change services whenever and wherever you want and not have to buy a new phone as a result. htc logo The unlocked 32GB HTC ONE is looking to be a strong candidate for the best Android phone available. The reviews are placing it as a direct competitor for the iPhone 5 as well because it is $200 dollars cheaper than the Apple counterpart while having equal storage. HTC has been able to move itself into a favorable position amongst tough competitors like Samsung and Apple by making a deliberate move to offer consumers the option of freedom from carrier contracts while making sure the price is still attainable. Giants like Apple and Samsung don’t seem to be too concerned with the economic freedom that and unlocked phone can provide for a consumer. It might actually make sense that for companies who have high product outputs, that they would want to stay away from the idea of offering unlocked versions of their phones. This would ensure the repeated purchase of their phones at contract end or carrier switches instead of actual technological improvement. An example of this is how Apple has perfected this strategy by offering use essentially the same phone over and over with a different version number. htc-one-main-screen2 The unlocked HTC ONE will endear contract resistant mobile device users to HTC. The unlocked HTC ONE will also likely generate a repeat buyer relationship for those of us that simply refuse to let a low offering price tempt us into the popular 6 month upgrade cycle.

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