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Unreal Engine Game Technology Coming to Android, Dungeon Defenders Soon!

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Ask any avid iPhone games enthusiasts what’s the coolest iPhone game right now and I’m pretty sure they will all answer – Infinity Blade. Yes, in terms of game graphics and game physics – this is probably one of the best made iPhone game to date – thanks to the game technology employed – Unreal Engine. Now guess what Android fans? That same game technology is being ported for Android. And the first game to get the Android treatment is called – Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. The game is scheduled to be released to the Android Market on December 23 for $2.99. For that matter, it will be the first game title for Android which utilizes the Unreal Engine technology, the same technology employed on cool iPhone game – Infinity Blade.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense online action-RPG featuring on and offline epic campaigns, challenge missions, leaderboards, and 4 player co-op gameplay through GameSpy.
Since the game requires some high-end technical capabilities, not all Android phones will be able to support it. The game was tested to work nicely on the following:
All Tegra 2 Based Devices: Fully Compatible (DD:FW runs best on these devices)
Nexus S: Fully Compatible
Samsung Galaxy Tab: Fully Compatible
Samsung Galaxy based Cell Phones: Fully Compatible on all with 100 MB RAM free
Droid 2: Fully Compatible
Droid X: Fully Compatible
HTC Evo 4G: Fully Compatible
HTC Incredible: Fully Compatible
myTouch 4G: Mostly compatible, have some occasional stability issue
T-Mobile G2: Fully compatible
Dell Streak: Fully compatible
HTC Desire: Fully compatible
Nexus One: Fully compatible

So there you go folks, if you’ve been waiting so long for a “really” great game for the Android, you better watch out for Dungeon Defenders.