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Untame Games releases Rope Rescue for Android

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By now you may think you’ve seen every Android game involving birds, but there’s an awesome new one that was just released by the name of Rope Rescue. The birds of Rope Rescue aren’t angry and they certainly don’t fling themselves across the screen although they will need your help to rescue their bird buddies from the clutches of the evil King Bat. Every great tale has a villain and King Bat isn’t as evil as he is vain. The King has stolen all the baby parrots for their feathers as he’s tired of being an ugly bat and want’s to show a little color. You step into the role of Rupert the parrot, and your job is to free all the baby birds using your wits, your beak, and a lot of rope. Each stage has a baby parrot in a cage and you’ll have to fly the rope over pulley’s to open the baby birds cage and clear the level. It’s much trickier than it sound though as you’ll have to watch out for King Bats minions, knives, and fireballs among other hazards. Rope Rescue runs off the 3-feather system where you’ll earn a certain number of feathers per stage depending on how much rope you use, and you can also collect butterflies which are used for hints or to unlock stages. Rope Rescue is the first bird based game I’ve enjoyed outside of Angry Birds in quite some time, and it’s really not like anything else out there. I only played through the intro levels and was impressed by the gameplay and surprised at just how much fun it is to wrap rope around things. There is a free version of Rope Rescue you can check out and if you like what you see the full version can be all yours for only $1.00. Both versions of Untame games Rope Rescue are available for download on Google Play.