pixel.rooms-androidEscape The Room style games have been extremely popular over the past couple of years, and Pixel Rooms is the latest Android game to take a crack at the room escape genre. It’s Pixely, and it’s from the folks at Skipmore & Urara-Works, so there’s bound to be some quirk thrown in for good measure. Pixel Rooms lets you step into the shoes of Mr. Pixel, part-time adventurer, full-time pimp. Actually, we don’t know what he does on his off days, but he’s become stuck in a pixelated house, and you’ll have to help him escape. It’s hard to review these types of games without giving too much away, but most of the standard “room escape” controls are in play which means you’ll have to move things about, search for keys, etc… By the numbers, Pixel Rooms has 25 levels, a speedrun mode, some achievements, and global rankings. Escape the Room games can be hit or miss, and while Pixel Rooms is short, it’s quite a bit of fun. There are ads, and it’s a little rough around the edges in spots, but it’s worth a look if you dig these types of puzzlers. You can pick up Skipmore & Urara Works Pixel Rooms for free  on Google Play. Pixel Rooms

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