US Court Rules NSA Snooping Illegal


If you are a follower of this website, you probably know that I covered the news about Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing regarding the illegal NSA spying program which collects data about tens of millions of American citizens since day one.

Obviously, the NSA not only spies on domestic affairs and US citizens, it’s a world-wide phenomena (see Germany’s Chancellor Merkel spying by the NSA)

Today’s awesome news is that the NSA’s surveillance program was ruled to be illegal by a New York Federal Court and the US lawmakers were ordered to shut down the respective program or to replace it with something else, i.e. a legal/transparent program instead of indiscriminate spying of everybody, without a court order and despite of the US constitution’s amendments (the fourth to be more precise).

The New York Circuit of Appeals court released on Thursday (today) a 97 pages in depth report/ruling in which it was stated by all the 3 judges that the manner in which the NSA collects phone records and “meta-data” from millions of Americans is illegal, and that happened in wake of Ed Snowden’s revelations which made the ACLU fill its lawsuit in 2013.

Today’s ruling is the end result of Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing and the respective lawsuit filed by ACLU and states that the mass collection of phone records/meta-data is contrary even to the Patriot Act/section 215 (which dismantles the US constitution but that’s another story all together).





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