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Vampoo the little Vampire Flies onto Google Play

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Vampoo the little vampire There are a lot of Vampire games out there, but being a vampire isn’t always as easy as it seems. Such is the case in SVE Games Vampoo – a Little Vampire as you’ll quickly find out Vampires can die just as easily as the rest of us. Vampoo is the tale of a lovelorn vampire who’s on a journey to get back his beloved who has a penchant for getting kidnapped. To get her back you’ll have to navigate countless levels filled with dangerous saw blades which might not sound all that scary, but trust us they’re very, very deadly. To make matters worse you’re a vampire in bat form so you’ll have to fly carefully or you’ll end up a pile of goo on the wall. Vampoo the little Vampire is a little light in the level department with only 24 levels at the moment, but 18 bonus levels softens the blow a bit. The developers also have the next two chapters lined out and listed as coming soon. Vampoo is an interesting Android game, and it’s not a game for the feint hearted as you’re probably going to die a lot… and then you’re going to die some more. That being said, you’re going to have a blast doing it as the game is quite a bit of fun. If you’re looking for something a little different and in the vein of Super Meat Boy you should give Vampoo a look. You can pick up SVE Games Vampoo – the little Vampire for free on Google Play.

Vampoo the little Vampire