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Verizon 3g early upgrade details.

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Verizon let slip the details about their 3G early upgrade promotion.  The promotion will run between June 23 and August  31.  So if your contracts ends by the ends this year then you are eligible.  You may want to consider the pre-ordering the Droid X.  The full details are below. [caption id="attachment_23583" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Image courtesy of"][/caption] Promotional Details:

  • Each eligible Mobile Telephone Number (MTN) can upgrade only once during the promotional period
  • Upon taking advantage of the promotion, the MTN will not be eligible to upgrade that line again for 12 months; which must be disclosed to the customer
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer/promotions (including Bill Incentive Credits)
  • Requires data package $29.99 or higher
  • Contract end dates will be extended 24 months.
  • Device eligibility dates and NE2 will be extended 20 months

Eligibility Requirements All customers who qualify will be loaded into the Next Best Activity (NBA) Tool. COOS will be ensuring that eligible customers are included in NBA; if the customer is not listed, they are not eligible for the promotion.

  • Any customer with a service contract end date of 12/31/10 or earlier, including: Consumer, Employee Liable (ELEU), Corporate Non-Contracted, Corporate Liable (CLEU) up to 99 lines
  • -Excludes Fed Govt and Local/State Govt purchasing off the GSA-FSS
  • Not currently NE2 (New Every Two), EUP (Equipment Upgrade), AUP (Annual Upgrade) eligible
  • Account must be current
  • Promotion cannot be used for a “Buddy Upgrade.” The eligible line must upgrade and keep the 3G Smartphone

Note: Concession accounts are not eligible for this promotion. Using Next Best Activity (NBA) While using NBA to validate promotional eligibility, please remember the following instructions:

1. Treat each Mobile Telephone Number (MTN) as a single line verification in InfoDesk. 2. When validating multiple lines, open a new validation window for each MTN. 3. Do not use the drop down on multi-line accounts.

Device Requirements

  • Upgrade to any 3G Smartphone
  • 2-year agreement only

3G Smartphone Early Upgrade Process (eROES)

  • 1. Agents/Retailers – When retrieving a customer’s account information, if a Next Best Activity (NBA) message displays, the MTN is eligible for this 3G Smartphone Early Upgrade promotion. Call COOS to proceed. (See ‘Using NBA section for details.)
  • 2. COOS – Requests agent’s sales outlet ID and eROES POS Location Code to process eROES order.
  • 3. COOS – Verifies MTN is listed in NBA. If the MTN is not listed in NBA; the MTN is not eligible. Verifies in Device Manager that new device is a 3G Smartphone and begins processing the remainder of the transaction in eROES. Verifies what data package the customer is requesting and gives agent corresponding application number for pending offers.
  • 4. COOS – Change upgrade eligibility date and/or date in billing to allow for a qualified upgrade.
  • 5. COOS – Enters MEID/ESN (verifying it is a 3G Smartphone) in eROES and adds $29.99 data package and confirms any other plan changes the customer requests. Provides application number to agent/retailer.
  • 6. Agents/Retailers – Pull order(s) by application number and clicks submit to complete order and then requires customer to sign eROES customer agreement.