Verizon Is Preloading the Playphone Games Portal Store to New Android Devices

playphone-1Verizon intends to pre-load all new mobile Android devices with Playphone’s new social gaming network and game store application called The Playphone Games Portal. It appears that Verizon has found a means through Playphone to circumvent Google’s Play Store by offering developers a means of direct carrier billing for games and in game This concept is bringing the past issues with family plans and text message billing to the forefront again. It is likely that with a payment mechanism that allows for direct carrier billing, parents will receive bills that have been inflated by mobile game playing. With the current system “Android Games by Google Play Store” those paying the bill maintain a modicum of control because a purchase requires a credit card and not just an open account. Verizon insists that the true value of The Playphone Games Portal for Android is that it will establish a true social gaming network that is currently lacking across Android devices. Playphone is also wooing developers to their cause with Verizon’s marketing and distribution capabilities.  The Playphone app is expected to be loaded and available for use from the moment power is applied to a new device. Given the obvious benefits and profit opportunities we can expect Playphone’s “Games Portal to be front and center on every device’s home screen. Whether this new games store and social network will be successful can only be determined by use and time. However, it is safe to say that it will not work out well if Verizon allows too much bill tampering by carrier users who are not authorized to make billing decisions. It is also quite possible that the Playphone Games Portal for Android could usher in a new era of social gaming for Android users. All these questions and possibilities will be explored when Verizon starts the roll out of this pre-installed app during the second quarter of this year. Resource: The Verge

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