Verizon Poised To Launch A Silver HTC Droid Incredible 2

According to a couple of leaked images, Verizon Wireless is poised to launch a new variation of the black HTC Droid Incredible 2 currently available on Big Red. The new variation is a silver DInc 2, which could launch as soon as mid-August for a similar price point. Since Verizon isn’t expected to launch the Droid Bionic in August, and there is a slightly chance the Galaxy S II will drop this month, the silver Droid Incredible 2 might be the most exciting smartphone since the Droid 3. In any event, the specs are likely to remain the same and it will probably not be 4G LTE capable, since the back of the silver DInc 2 does not feature the phrase “4G LTE.” If the silver model is expected to hit the American market, we should hear an official Verizon Wireless announcement in the coming weeks.

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